The cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown in Hungary exceeds 110,000

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Xinhua News Agency, Budapest, November 9th (Reporter Yuan Liang) The data released by the Hungarian New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Center on the 9th showed that the country’s past 24 There were 5,162 newly diagnosed cases of new coronary disease and a total of 114,778 confirmed cases; 55 new deaths and a total of 2,493 deaths; 26,161 cases were cured.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban announced on the 9th that Hungary will implement stricter epidemic prevention and control measures from the 10th, including a national curfew from 20 am to 5 am the next day, and restaurants only allow delivery Meal service, university changed to online teaching, etc.

The spread of the new crown epidemic in Hungary has accelerated recently. On September 10, the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 10,000, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 50,000 on October 21. On November 7, the number exceeded 100,000.

Hungary has entered a national emergency again since midnight on the 4th. Hungary declared a state of emergency across the country on March 11, which was lifted on June 18 due to the relief of the epidemic.