The dilemma of”failing handsome”, the epitome of the history of the Dutch church

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Italy, England, and the United States, where Frank De Boer went in the past four years, he will inevitably hit a wall and fail. Now returning to his hometown to coach the Dutch national team, his future is still treacherous. Behind this”failing handsome” is the general mediocre helplessness of the Dutch Mesozoic coach.

Keman was full of enthusiasm and went to Barcelona for love. He only suffered from the Dutch national team. Seeing the hope of recovery, he broke up with the leader in a flash. Under the urging of the European Cup only September is left, the Orerion team invited Frank De Boer to save the field, but this one was The 2010 World Cup as a team assistant coach, in recent years has long been unable to protect himself.

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Only three people

The assistant coach Rodriguez, who temporarily led the team, was easily defeated by Italy at the door, and De Boer quickly took office as the only candidate. From the perspective of seniority, he and Koeman are very similar:the same guard origin, and the same long-term national team captain in the player era. On the first FIFA match day after taking office, De Boer deliberately put a personal mark on the team,”I must make sure that there is plan B in the game. The original set will not work, we must change. My years abroad , The role has changed, but I’m still the one who coached Ajax before.”

But in the first battle with Mexico, De Boer’s four-time Eredivisie champion was defeated by the Cactus Legion. Before the quick and fierce counterattack, he was torn apart. The exceptionally promoted rookies Wayndal and Kopp Mainners (both from Alkmaar) struggled, and the midfielder composed of the latter, Vernaldim and Van der Beck, could not effectively contact the frontcourt. The Oranges, which was dominated by Mexico’s anti-visiting team, had only shot 6 times. If it hadn’t been for the brave performance of the goalkeeper Kluer, who had been away from the national team for 5 years, the Netherlands would obviously have lost more than one goal.

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After the preliminary test of the friendly match, De Boer played in the UEFA Continue to experiment in the game against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lack of the offensive core Memphis, he chose to use Luc De Jong with two home-grown wingers Promes and Mullen, a burst of piecemeal blows (only 4 of 15 shots in the audience), and still failed to break the opponent’s gate. In two games without victorious and one goal, De Boer tied the predecessor Blind and the second entrant Hiddink. During the two coaches, the Orange Army missed the 2016 European Cup and the 2018 World Cup consecutively. And the embarrassing scene of Frankie De Jong being forced to pull the side cross and the full back assisted by no one in the penalty area also made the Dutch fans blow up:”He is suitable for commentary. He is completely lost on the court and has various mouths off the court.”Cannon””Which one of the teams he has coached was not a locker room explosion?”

From the perspective of the results only, in Bergamo’s change of three defenders, the European Union drew with Italy, how much is back De Boer saved some face. However, after taking office without winning 3 games, he is still one of only three people in the history of the Netherlands. The pioneering William Tonley was in the 1920s Of the ancients, the last one was Ed Wocart 28 years ago. He who was at odds with Gullit led the Dutch living preliminaries to sap and almost missed the trip to the United States. Now, De Boer is clearly showing signs of repeating the mistakes of his predecessors, bringing the Netherlands, which has just returned to the right track, back to chaos.

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On October 14, the UEFA Europa League group stage, Netherlands 1-1 draw with Italy, Van der Beck’s goal made the team retreat in Bergamo. This was also the first goal of the Netherlands since Frank De Boer took office in 3 games, and I can’t help but miss the offensive firepower of the team that Koeman had previously averaged 2 goals per game.

During the more than a year when Koeman was in charge, the Netherlands has used talents and played classic battles in the UEFA Europa League and the European preliminaries in an unbreakable manner, quickly accumulating confidence and stopping at the same time. The team’s decline since 2014. It’s just this rare chemical reaction that can’t stand the sudden change of coach, not to mention the lack of ability of the successor. In addition to the team returning to the old pattern of fighting on their own, De Boer also has to face the worries that Van Dijk and De Ligt are missing due to injuries. This makes the oranges, who were originally good in the European Cup signings, can only be cautiously expected. The team’s performance at home in the coming year. One carelessness might make this event a test field for training troops.

Worst in the Premier League

“The defeated general is not brave”-this old proverb is used in De Boer’s body. The loss of the last round of the Eredivisie on May 11, 2016 may be the dividing line of his coaching career. Since then, he has bid farewell to the rising period and started free fall. From Inter Milan to Crystal Palace and then to Atlanta United, the Dutch with a term of office mostly calculated on a weekly basis, and he also has a new coach to coach the first game of the main match The law of failure.

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When he took over from Mancini 4 years ago, De Boer The wind evaluation was fair. At that time, the president of Inter Milan was still Eric Tohir. Although the team was in a period of turbulence, there were still powerful players such as Handanovic and Icardi in the formation, and the introduction of Joao Mario and Gabriel Barbosa are two new players, although they may be the candidates the predecessor Mancini wanted. People do not expect high, but they never thought that the Dutch could hand over a list of 12th in the first 14 matches, 5 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses (the league first defeat to Chievo, the worst start in team history), which also made De Boer Only led the team for 85 days and was ordered to leave. The two parties broke up, and De Boer also had a lot of grievances. He was bitter after Suning acquired International:”I didn’t get much support and trust at the time. I spent half of my time dealing with politicians and brokers. The only gain is that you don’t always think about making friends with anyone.”

The failure of the Nerazzurri may be related to De Boer’s lack of support from Tohir, but his personal responsibility may be more. , Otherwise he would not have to coach in London for only 77 days and set his personal record again.”I have asked Van Gaal for a lot of advice, and I am confident to challenge the Premier League!” De Boer, who said this, led the Crystal Palace to start a Wave swooping:The opening game was crisply defeated by newly promoted Huddersfield, then the team lost 7 goals and 1 goal in 4 consecutive losses, creating the worst record in England’s top league since 1924, and it is among the top four teams in England The only zero-breaking existence. This made Parrish, the boss, would rather pay for the three-year penalty and let him go. De Boer became the coach with the fewest games in the history of the Premier League. Although his successor, Hodgson, started with a 3-game losing streak, he led The team has been relegated and coached all the way to the present.

To be fair, De Boer, who left European football for the United States, can be regarded as a timely stop for his coaching career, even though he led the 2018 American League Champions Atlanta United, with outstanding strength. Even so, De Boer did not break the law of losing in the first game of the race, and watched the current season champion Washington DC United score a good start. And also the first 4 rounds were dismal (1 wins and 3 losses). Fortunately, De Boer met Chairman Darren Els. The latter’s patience was not exhausted until the Dutch coach returned to work this summer in MLS’s three-game losing streak. Ball still led the team to win two cup championships. In the American League playoffs, which can best test the strength of the team and coach, De Boer and Atlanta United fell in the Eastern Conference finals, losing to Toronto FC 1-2, and the defense was in vain. In July of this year, after losing his star Joseph Martinez due to injury, De Boer also seems to have lost control of the team. In the face of opponents that are not strong enough, Atlanta United lost three consecutive games 0 to 1. It also includes the new army FC Cincinnati coached by Stam…Finally, the get out of class is hurriedly dismissed.

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At the beginning of his coaching career, Frank De Boer had a successful career in Ajax, but left his home team Later, he never proved himself on the top stage.

My peers are also mediocre

“I would rather give the Dutch team to Sneijder and Van der Sar, I don’t want a defeated general like De Boer to stay away.” Witnessing the deteriorating national team, the angry Dutch fans commented on social media. However, the lowland country that was once the home of famous coaches is really blindly optimistic about the reserve of coaches. An unremarkable reality is that among the 98 teams in the five major leagues, the Dutch coaches are no more than Koman and Boss. After ranking Portugal, Croatia and even Switzerland in the non-five leagues, they are equal to Austria. If it weren’t for Barcelona’s hot position, the Bundesliga has always had a tradition of hiring Dutch people, and the Dutch coach insulates the top league, which is by no means alarmist.

Time back 20 years ago, the Dutch international, born around 1970, has a World Cup and European Cup semi-final resume, starting from a good starting point, but his coaching performance after retiring is not satisfactory. As the respective legends of Eindhoven and Feyenoord, Koku and Van Bronckhorst started with coaching the mother team , There are also Eredivisie champions in their tenure, but leaving the top and players who unconditionally support them, the two have not proved that they belong to a higher stage. Cocu coached Fenerbahçe in 2018, and he took the championship favorite one step away from the relegation zone; last season, he took over Derby County, the team’s last 5 rounds were 1 wins and 4 losses, and still ranked in the middle (10th). The season is a dive into the relegation zone, so the club has to consider urgently promoting Rooney as coach. And even if he descended to the Super League coach Van Bronckhorst, at the beginning of the season, Guangzhou R & F was once a relegation favorite.

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In the same batch of Dutch internationals, Frank De Boer, who has been defeated and fought repeatedly, is considered a representative figure. His teammates Stam (first from right), Coku and others, are now mostly in the new army or mid-range team to train hard.

Unfortunately, the above three are already the most exposed presence among teammates in the same session. Stam, who was once the world’s most expensive central defender, has been in the field for 11 years and has been coaching the sub-league and mid-lower teams. Now he is leading the new army FC Cincinnati in the United States; Hasselbaink has moved to Antwerp, Burton, Queens Park Rangers, and Northampton are all”downward employment”. Even though Sterling called out last year that”the Premier League is too unfriendly to the African-American coach”, no team thinks of the former Premier League who had been idle for more than two years. Golden boots. Also staying at home is Seedorf, whose overall winning percentage in his coaching career will be more than 30%, without the winning temperament of the player era.

Seeing de Boer and other teammates frustrated, Bergkamp, ​​Van der Sar and others believe that they have no intention to consider transforming the coach. After all, the critical thinking of the Dutch football industry is still sharp. The national team and the Eredivisie The situation is gradually sluggish. It is really not thankful to be the coach at this time. Since the beginning of the new century, the Dutch team has had six official coaches. Except for Van Basten, he took the lead at the age of 39. The rest are all 50+ old players, not to mention Van Gaal, Hiddink, and Edvorkater. The great achievements are concentrated in the old coaches of the last century, who have to go to the palace more often.

Nowadays, there are probably only Boss and Tenhahe left for the Dutch coach with strong youth and good performance. But their club career is still unfulfilled, obviously they have no intention of accepting the hot potato of the national team prematurely. The younger Van Bommel, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Heitinga and others have just been on the road… As a coach, De Boer is hard to say good, but he represents the coaching trajectory of the same Dutch star. Perhaps after him, the Dutch national team still Will continue to wait. 

Tomorrow at 3:45 am Beijing time, the Dutch team will play a friendly match with Spain at home. This game is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to test the current state of the two sides before the next UEFA Europa League game.

The history of the Netherlands and Spain has faced each other 12 times, and the results of the two sides are evenly divided. The last time the two teams met in a friendly match in 2015, the Netherlands defeated their opponents 2-0. When they met in the 2014 World Cup, the Netherlands defeated Spain 5-1 with the excellent performance of Van Persie and Robben.