The epidemic spreads, Japan encourages consumption policy to stop temporarily

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Japan added 2,427 confirmed cases of new crown on the 20th, setting a new record for the highest number of new cases in a single day for 3 consecutive days, casting a shadow on boosting the economy.

How to balance epidemic prevention and economic recovery makes it difficult for the Japanese government. The Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said on the 20th that for the time being, he does not intend to stop the subsidy policy that encourages people to travel and eat.

The Japanese capital Tokyo added 522 confirmed cases on the 20th, and more than 500 cases were added in a single day for two consecutive days. The new crown epidemic alert level was upgraded to the highest level 4 on the 19th. On the 20th, there were 370 new confirmed cases in Western Osaka Prefecture on the 20th, a record of the highest number of new cases in a single day. The alert level of the epidemic was raised from”Yellow Light Phase One” to”Yellow Light Phase Two”.

Compared with the summer epidemic, Japan’s current epidemic has a wider age range and more diverse locations for cluster infections.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has not yet restricted the opening hours of stores, but it has called on the public to reduce the number of people and time for gatherings. Osaka Prefecture sets a maximum of 4 people for a party, and the maximum duration is 2 hours. It will be implemented from the 21st to the 5th of this month.

In order to contain the epidemic, some infectious disease experts suggested that the government stop the travel subsidy policy to reduce the movement of people and reduce the risk of infection.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, Nagasaki Haruo, called on the government to suspend the”Go To” subsidy activities on the 20th. He said that two weeks after Tokyo launched this campaign, the number of confirmed cases has increased, but there is no clear evidence that there is a direct link between the two.

Ozaki estimates that at the current rate of transmission, the number of new infections in a single day in Tokyo may reach 1,020 in 4 weeks.”This will lead to the collapse of the medical system.”

To support the domestic tourism and catering industries that have been hit by the epidemic, the Japanese government has launched”Go To Travel” and”Go To Eat” activities, halving consumers Accommodation fee and dining coupons are provided.

Tokyo launched the”Go To Eat” event on the 20th. The manager of a restaurant told the reporter of Kyodo News that he hoped that this event could become a”detonator” to change the downturn in the catering industry.

Faced with the spread of the epidemic, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga denied his intention to stop the”Go To” subsidy activities. He said on the 20th that the government continued to listen to the opinions of infectious disease experts and the business community on this event,”we will continue to implement it in a proper way.” According to Suga Yoshihide, a total of 40 million people have participated in the”Go To Travel” event so far, and 176 of them have been diagnosed with the new crown virus.

The Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said on the 20th that the government believes that there is no need to declare a state of emergency. (Liu Xiuling) (Xinhua News Agency special feature)

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