The EU and Pfizer have reached an agreement to purchase 300 million doses of the new crown vaccine

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On November 11 local time, the European Union announced that it has reached an agreement with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and BioNTech and plans to purchase these two The new crown vaccine candidate developed by the two companies can purchase up to 300 million doses.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=7b10ee4d9a519223646b23e4e6d34ff9 - The EU and Pfizer have reached an agreement to purchase 300 million doses of the new crown vaccine

According to a Reuters report on the 11th, according to the agreement reached between the EU and the two companies, the EU can purchase 200 million doses of vaccine and also has the right to purchase an additional 100 million doses. An EU official involved in the negotiations revealed to Reuters that the EU purchase price was less than US$19.5 (about 130 yuan) per dose, partly because the EU and Germany had provided financial support for vaccine research and development.

However, the EU officials did not announce the specific price of the purchase, and the two companies did not respond to this. Previously, the EU has signed new crown vaccine supply agreements with AstraZeneca, Sanofi, and Johnson & Johnson, and is in the process of cooperating with Moderna, CureVac and Novavax. Company negotiations.

Previously, the US government and Pfizer and Biotech reached an agreement to purchase 100 million doses of vaccine at a price of $19.5 per dose, and the right to purchase an additional 500 million doses after renegotiating.

The vaccine candidate developed by Pfizer and Biotech just announced clinical trial data this week. The two companies announced on the 9th that the interim analysis data of Phase III clinical trials showed that the effectiveness of this candidate vaccine was more than 90%. Pfizer responded to The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) interview on the 9th, stating that the company plans to submit an emergency use authorization application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the third week of November, and is expected to 50 million doses of vaccine will be produced and as many as 1.3 billion doses will be produced by 2021.

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