The Fifth China Mobile Maker Marathon Annual Finals Held

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This is a battle of dreams and honors of the maker. Who will win the champion of the horse maker? Let us witness together!

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November 17-18, the fifth China Mobile maker The annual final of the marathon competition was successfully held at the Guangzhou Window of Business Art Center. This event was hosted by China Mobile Communications Group, with the theme of”5 Dynamics of the Future”, with a shocking appearance on 15 topics. The finals invited experts from China Mobile, Ericsson and other industry partners, Tsinghua University and other universities, and Yuansheng Capital and other venture capital institutions to serve as judges, bringing together makers from all corners of the country to participate in the double creation ceremony and witness the creation of China Mobile. The ultimate peak showdown of the year.

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Since its launch in June 2020, China Mobile Chuangma has received extensive attention and support from all walks of life. This competition is also the largest competition involving the industry, the deepest expansion of university cooperation, and the most collection of innovative projects since it was held for the fifth time. More than 4,000 innovative projects have been collected, and the number of applicants has reached more than 12,000. It has deepened university cooperation and expanded, covering universities More than 15,000 students. China Mobile also provided the support of 9 major space carriers and 8 major innovation platforms for the competition. In this competition, the various capabilities of China Mobile’s open platform have been invoked more than 2.1 billion times, effectively helping the accelerated growth of innovation and entrepreneurship projects. After various selections in various thematic competition areas, 36 horse-creating teams finally came to the fore and joined the Yangcheng finals for a battle of dreams and honor.

This year’s horse racing competition adopts a new competition system and innovatively launches”Maker Coin”, which greatly improves the fairness and fun of the competition. In the rematch on the 17th, 36 teams were divided into four quadrants. The 1v1 battle between the quadrants aroused everyone’s sense of team honor, belonging and responsibility. The two links of technology and business competed, allowing each project to fully demonstrate its strength and style.

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The finals on the 18th were unprecedented and fierce. The 1V1 putt Q&A PK in the championship battle pushed this event to a climax. The PK team competed in the same field, but they didn’t give way to each other. In the end, 6 outstanding projects such as Xizhi Technology, Zhiwang, and compressed air intelligent management won the first, second and third prizes of the competition. The award ceremony will be held at the”China Mobile Joint Creation + Technology Innovation Cooperation Summit” on November 20.

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A large number of high-quality, high-tech innovation projects emerged in this competition, which condensed the wisdom of countless makers and demonstrated extraordinary development potential.

Intelligent management of compressed air:Intelligent control of air compressor greatly reduces unit energy consumption by 20%, digital management and Equipment maintenance costs are reduced by 15%, which fully reflects the value of the Internet of Things.

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realtouch:Fast and high-precision 3D face reconstruction, the solution is completed within 30ms. Facilitate the production of high-precision micro-plastic surgery molds, making medical beauty more inclusive.

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Xizhi Technology:Focus on providing users with photonic chip prototype board to build the world’s leading artificial intelligence photon Computing semiconductor company. It is 8-10 times higher than the electronic chip of the same process, and has a very broad market prospect.

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Moveit idea interconnection:to create a human-computer dual-intelligence system and develop practical brain-computer interaction modules. Published more than 20 papers and invention patents, building a high technical barrier.

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The 2020 China Mobile Maker Marathon has come to a successful conclusion. In the future, China Mobile will unite with many partners to further promote in-depth cooperation with outstanding projects and promote the implementation of project results. (Yi Ming)

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