The planet living in prophecy-Planet Ninth

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Reviewing history, after discovering Uranus, scientists have continued to observe and found that the deviation between its actual orbit and its theoretical orbit is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, scholar Bouvard proposed the”perturbation body” conjecture-that is, there is a massive celestial body outside the orbit of Uranus affecting the movement of Uranus. After decades of hard work, in 1846, French astronomy teacher Auburn Levier, independently calculated the position of this”perturbation body”, which is Neptune, and observed it at a position less than 1° from the prediction in the same year. Arrived Neptune. So far, the method of searching for unknown solar system planets through calculation and observation has been widely recognized by the astronomy community.

However, the story does not end here. After the data of Neptune’s orbit and mass are further clarified, astronomers believe that there should be a”perturbation body” other than Neptune, and people named the hypothetical ninth planet As”Planet X”.

Because the calculated orbit of Planet Nine is too far away from the sun, it must rely on more advanced telescope observation technology!

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Auben Le Vier (1811-1877) French mathematician and astronomer. He calculated the orbit of Neptune, and according to his calculations, the German astronomer Galler at the Berlin Observatory observed Neptune.

Credit:Baidu Encyclopedia

Astronomers are verifying a”displacement and superposition” technique that helps to find the hypothetical”planet X”. Some researchers believe that”planet X” is hidden in the far outer solar system, far beyond the orbit of Pluto. We haven’t found it yet.

The specific method of this technology is to take the space telescope along the possible orbital path of the celestial body to continuously take a set of images, and then superimpose the images. We have discovered some moons in the solar system through this technology, and we may also discover Planet Nine and other extremely distant celestial bodies.

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Deep sky objects are very dim. In order to separate these blurry objects from the sky background, we need sufficiently sensitive equipment. The method of collecting more signals involves stacking a series of shorter exposures. In this way, we have enough signal-to-noise ratio to highlight the details of darker objects in the night sky.

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Malena Rice, PhD in Astronomy at Yale University in Connecticut, said:”If Planet Nine exists, it will be very dim. If we don’t use this method, we really can’t catch them.”

Rice is the main project team member and she will put this technique into practice. The project team superimposed the images captured by NASA’s Transit exoplanet survey satellite (hereinafter referred to as TESS) at different positions, and The original intention of TESS’s mission was to explore exoplanets!

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The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is NASA’s latest exoplanet search project. Scientists hope that TESS will be able to observe at least 200,000 stars during a two-year space mission and eventually discover thousands of new exoplanets.

Credit:Baidu Encyclopedia

In a test, researchers found three known overseas celestial bodies in TESS images processed by this”displacement and superposition” technology ( TNOs, small celestial bodies orbiting the sun outside the orbit of Neptune). Subsequently, the scientists conducted a random search of two distant sky regions and found 17 new candidates for overseas celestial bodies.

Rice believes:”Even if one of these candidate celestial bodies is real, it will help us understand the mechanics of the outer solar system and the potential properties of Planet Nine.” Therefore, researchers are currently using the ground The images taken by the telescope have tried to identify these 17 candidate overseas celestial bodies.

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The solar system beyond Neptune can be distinguished from the inside to the outside. Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud Zone, The most famous overseas celestial body is Pluto, which was kicked out of the ranks of planets.


We are likely to find Planet Ninth through overseas celestial bodies. Researchers inferred the existence of this imaginary world from the peculiar orbits of some overseas celestial bodies, and they are probably carved together by a huge, distant”perturbation body”. Data shows that this will be a planet 5 to 10 times larger than the Earth, orbiting the sun at hundreds of times the distance of the Earth’s orbit.

But not everyone agrees with this explanation. Some scientists believe that the strange clusters of overseas celestial bodies can also be derived from the gravitational influence of many neighboring celestial bodies, and they are not necessarily large celestial bodies.

The article was published in The Planetary Science Journal. Rice also presented the results at the annual meeting of the Planetary Science Division of the American Astronomical Society held online at the end of October.

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p class=”pgc-img -caption”>The artistic concept map of Planet X, whose mass is about 5-10 times the mass of the earth.

Credit:Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC)