The top 30 of the”2020 Fox Friends National School Flower Competition” selected by the judge Zhang Da

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On November 19th, the”2020 Fox Friends National School Flower Contest” national promotion contest entered 50 into 30 stages, and the top 50 players went Jing competed on the same field. After fierce competition, Lei Mingjun, Liang Chan, Zhang Shanmeng, Wu Jiaxin and others advanced to the top 30. Before the game, the widely optimistic”Little Fox” Tang Ziyi regrettably stopped the game after the pending session.

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(“2020 Group photo of the “Top 30 of the Fox Friends National School Flower Contest”)

Sohu’s board chairman and CEO Zhang Chaoyang visited the scene in person, and the senior host Zhang Da, Sohu 56 Video Deputy General Manager Zhou Hui, Sohu Artist Brokerage Director Li Lina, Sohu Signed Artist Brokerage Senior Broker Wang Xiaodong, Sohu Signed Artist, 2018 Fox Friends National School Cao Song Yixiong and others formed a jury to assess the overall quality of the players. Sohu Video is broadcast live from the media account of the 2020 Fox Friends National School Flower Contest.

After the game, Zhang Dali said in an interview with the media, “School flowers must be interesting, not just vases. Even if you are making vases, you must also make interesting vases, like antiques. , Can be respected.” The reporter asked, if there is another scene, what do you plan to do? He said:”It’s still”My Motherland and Me”. If you give me one more chance, I will definitely not become a’thief’ again.”

Zhang Da invited the contestants to perform at the birthday party of”Little Times” Gu Li was busy with red wine to make up for the contestants to”compensate”

The host Zhang Daren who graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy The judges of this game, before the game, many netizens were full of expectations for”Zhang Dada’s selection of school flowers”. They were curious about his judging criteria and whether they would frequently comment on the contestants. On the field, Zhang Da used his strength to prove that he really came to choose the school flower.

Zhang Da Da revealed the standard of”school beauty”:”Confidence is important. In fact, it is more important to live beautiful than to be beautiful. Many people don’t know what beauty is. Use it, so it’s better to live beautifully with confidence.” Zhang Dada also corrected the previous statement in the show that “work hard to be seen by others, even if only one person sees it is worth it”, “work hard, even if not seen by others. It’s okay. It’s hard to be seen by the public now. We always tell my family that I’ll have a filming right away. In fact, you’ve been alone for a long time. But as long as you work hard enough, you can’t be seen by others.”

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(Judge Zhang Greatly play Gu Li and the contestant pouring red wine)

Chen Feier (fox friend ID Chen Feier) sang”Miss Wallflower”, which attracted Zhang Da’s attention:”You are very personal and have acting experience. I want to give you a test. How about playing”Little Times”? I can do it anytime.”

After a simple match, the actor Zhang Da took his place.”Hello judges, teachers, I am Zhang Da from the Beijing Division. I am performing”Little Times” today. I am Gu Li, a spoiled and exquisite girl. She is Nanxiang and is very popular among boys.”

< p style=”text-align:start”>One ​​table and two chairs, red wine in hand, and the play is coming.”Nanxiang” began to ridicule, and”Gu Li” was also”Gu Li Gu Qi”, making expressions of fear, guilty, and surprise,”Nanxiang, shut up!” As they went back and forth, the two performed a plastic sisterhood. When”Nanxiang” said,”From now on, you and my life will start to rot and stinks.” She stood behind”Gu Li”, a glass of red wine poured directly over her head and got wet.”Gu The white-bottomed woolen coat in”li” also threw the red wine glass angrily. The atmosphere in the court was instantly ignited, and the players and the media applauded Zhang Da’s professionalism.

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(Judge Zhang Signed an artist with Sohu, and a commentator on Song Yixiong at the 2018 Fox Friends National School)

The staff rushed forward to clean up, Zhang Da also hurried to make up makeup, netizens Very”worried” Chen Feier:”How dare you act!””The play is bigger than the sky. I am Nanxiang and he is Gu Li. In the play, I want her to not come to stage, so I splashed it. I am sure in life. Don’t dare.” Chen Feier looked calm.

After the adjustment, the dedicated Zhang Dada returned to the arena and commented on the previous section:”The players really want to compensate me…just kidding. In fact, being poured red wine is Little thing, Tong Liya used to soak in the stinky water for several hours. Today, I feel that the players are not easy, I hope everyone will give them more opportunities.” He also posted a message on the social platform:”It turns out that the judges and Gu Li are not so good. Right…”

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(Judge Zhang Dada commented on the excerpt from”Little Times”:”It’s not easy for the players.”)

After being addicted to drama, Zhang Dada felt it and said:”I Just now I asked another contestant if I could imitate a star. She said that was something I only used when I was a child. I am instead of imitating and imitating. The director assigned me questions for the acting show I participated in. I think ‘Dead’, but thinking that if the acting is finished, I also seized the opportunity.”

The spirit of”playing spirit” stimulates players’ fighting spirit or Do not lose the level of singing or dancing to professional players

Watching Zhang Dada’s full-fledged performance, the players also showed their spirit to make themselves more professional .”Zhang Da, who was said to be unprofessional by the director of Dongsheng Ye, is serious about acting. I also want to try my best to show the talent of Professional.” said the contestant.

It may be that the scene of”Little Times” ignited the creative desire of the contestants, and Fang Fan (fox friend ID elf-) even imitated him in front of Zhang Dada In the segment of the program that asked for promotion, she spread her hands”exaggeratedly”:”If the teacher didn’t promote me, I would not be able to accept this…” Zhang Dada hadn’t spoken to comment yet, and the commentary in the live broadcast room quickly brushed up:”Zhang Dada is miserable because of this being ridiculed by netizens, and the players dare to imitate!””Dada will not be angry anymore, right?”

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p style=”text-align:start”>(The contestant Guo Jiayi (Fox Friends ID Little Pot Egg Fried Rice) sings the theme song of Sohu’s self-produced drama”Nice Boss Wants to Marry Me”)< /p>

The imitated Zhang laughed and said, “I’m not acting, I’m so angry that I’ve prepared it for a long time and nobody sees it. I hope everyone doesn’t care about the audience in front of me. , These 3 minutes should be worthy of your preparation.”

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(A fragment of the play”Sifan” performed by contestant Tang Ziyi in”Fox Friends ID Tang Ziyi”)

The contestants are naturally prepared. Guo Jiayi (Fox Friends ID Little Pot Egg Fried Rice) brings the theme song”I still like you very much” for Sohu’s self-produced drama”What the Boss Wants to Marry Me”, with strong feelings, no matter the voice, breath, or the conversion of true to false, no professionalism singer. Sohu Xueba intern”Little Fox” Tang Ziyi (Fox Friends ID Tang Ziyi) performed a segment of Meng Jinghui’s pioneering drama”Si Fan”, which not only performed the little nun’s spring feelings, but also expressed her longing for freedom and freedom.

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(player Tang Xiaoye (Fox friend ID Tang Xi) graceful posture)

Tie Zhenzhen, who started to learn ballet at the age of 4 (Fox friend ID Tangyuan K)’s ballet elegance, shows For the professionalism of the dancers, she also explained to the judges the term”straight upright” in ballet dancing. Yuan Ying (Fox Friends ID Yuan Ying) came with a fan group, a stage of modern dance with confusing eyes and great momentum. Wan Lan (Fox Friends ID Wan Lan) performed tea art, introduced tea sets and tea making steps, and matched each judge’s personality with tea that suits them:”Teacher Song Yixiong is Mao Feng, exquisite; Teacher Da is Xihu Longjing.”

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(The contestant Zhou is Ru (the fox friend ID Zhou is Ru) dance skewers have new ideas)

The contestants also talked with the judges about their personal acting career. Many players sighed that their goal when they were young was not to engage in performing arts, but as they grew up, they slowly discovered their hobbies, so they decided to choose the path of performing arts. Zhang Da also encouraged the players:”If you are dazzling enough, you will definitely encounter criticism. If you are not famous, no one will discuss you. Wilde once said that compared to all people questioning you, it is more pitiful that no one cares about you. Exist. Work hard until someone pays attention to you, and then discuss how to deal with the criticism. At that stage, you will learn, life and work will teach you, and those who run ahead will shine in advance.”

Finally, after a joint discussion by the judges, the “2020 Fox Friends National School Flower Competition” was born.

The semi-finals will ignite next month. Come to the”School Flower Popularity List” to help Idol pursue his dream

After the “2020 Fox Friends National School Flower Contest” national promotion competition 50 and 30, in December, the players will compete again and compete for the top 20 in the country.

The eliminated players still have a chance to resurrect. The official registration and voting channel of the competition-the Fox Friends APP has officially launched the”School Flower Popularity List”. Players and fans can Through the entrance of the”2020 Fox Friends National School Flower Competition” on Fox Friends, enter the online ranking channel to strive for higher rankings and chances of resurrection. The competition system also stipulates that the total number of fans of the players in Sohu videos and the number of new fans are also included in the total list of popularity lists.

It is reported that after the national promotion tournament, players can still use the”School Flower Popularity List” to fight for resurrection places for their favorite players.

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(player Chen Shulin (Fox Friends ID Chen Shulin Lynn) Sweet voice)

The”Fox Friends National School Flower Competition” is organized by Sohu. This year is the fifth. Sun Jiaqi, Liu Jiaxi, Xu Qin, Xue Huiwei and other fox friends who were born in the previous competitions have successfully signed contracts to become Sohu artists and opened the path to acting. They have successively participated in”Haha Gym”,”Hot Search Queen”,”How Boss Wants to Marry” Sohu’s popular self-produced dramas such as Me, Black and White, My Pet Major General and Intimate Player.

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(short video The creators Ye Hangcheng, Wu Shijiu, and Zhu Aoyu sent warm-hearted milk tea and competition encouragement to the contestants)

And this year will eventually enter the top ten school flowers, except for the opportunity to appear in Sohu In addition to the self-made drama, it is also expected to win the car award provided by Dongfeng Yueda Kia.

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(Sohu’s contract Liu Shuai, artist and the flower of the 2019 Fox Friends National School, hosted the competition)


p style=”text-align:start”>Thanks to Dongfeng Yueda Kia for supporting the”2020 Fox Friends National School Flower Competition”. The game is also broadcast live on Huya Live, Zhanqi Live, Renren Live, KK Live and other platforms. The contestants are about to stand on the semi-final stage, don’t come to help your Idol shine and become the strongest C debut!