The twins of the Hebei cross-country skiing team are inseparable

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=68314fb4556c0a12d48d42d4bc99eb44 - The twins of the Hebei cross-country skiing team are inseparableThe picture shows Li Boru (middle) and Li Zhongru (left one) on the podium. Photo courtesy of Langfang Sports Bureau

On November 4, after a short break for two or three days, the twin brothers Li Boru and Li Zhongru, who live in Anci District, Langfang City, left for Jilin to participate in the training of the Hebei Cross-country Ski Team Up.

In the 2nd Hebei Province Ice and Snow Games held on October 31, in the traditional 4km cross-country pulley youth men’s group A competition, they passed all the way and won the championship and runner-up. This is the first gold medal won by Langfang City at this Ice and Snow Games, and it is also the city’s skater’s first gold medal in a provincial competition. Langfang City Government sent a congratulatory message specifically for this.

The 16-year-old Li Boru and Li Zhongru, are the players of the Langfang Cross-country Roller Skating Team of this Ice and Snow Games, and are also members of the Hebei Cross-country Ski Team. They have been in the provincial team training for more than two years.”Our parents are both physical education teachers at Langfang Teachers College. It may be that our parents gave us the gene for being active. He loves to run and jump with his father.” Li Boru said with a smile. He and his younger brother are good at middle and long distance running. Before joining the Hebei Provincial Team, they often represented the school to win gold and silver in city and district sports meets.

In 2018, the two participated in the Hebei Provincial Track and Field Games. Although they did not perform well, they were met by the coach of the cross-country ski team of Hebei Province who came to the cross-country skiing team because of their long stature. , Mobilize them to change cross-country skiing.

Will you go? The brothers thought for a few days, and finally made up their minds:Go! The parents fully respect their choice.

Talking about the original intention of making up his mind, Li Boru explained:“Because of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we feel that ice and snow sports are developing greatly. Now that we have the opportunity to become one of them, but also to enter the provincial team. On the big stage, why not actively try and challenge yourself?”

In the summer of that year, the brothers entered the Hebei Province cross-country skiing team and accompanied the team to Dalian for training. Previously, the two brothers had only snowed in one winter skiing camp, but the first time they went to snow, the two brothers skid so decently that the teachers in the winter camp”doubted” that they had practiced before.

Although there are some talents, but the provincial team is strong, the two quickly felt the pressure. In addition, long-term training in the ice and snow, the conditions are much more difficult than they expected. Fortunately, they are not alone. The brothers who ate, lived, and trained together encouraged each other and worked together. Not only did they pass the adaptation period steadily, they also improved their grades, and got a lot of energy.

After six months of training, the brothers began to participate in the competition to increase their experience. Last year, they participated in the Second National Youth Games, and Li Zhongru also participated in the 2019-2020 National Biathlon Junior Championships. With the support of their coaches, the two recently participated in the cross-country pulley competition of the Second Hebei Ice and Snow Games. However, due to the temporary adjustment of the competition, the two brothers who originally signed up for different events ended up standing on adjacent tracks in the same stadium.

Although they are brothers, as opponents, they do not give in to each other.”I started 30 seconds ahead of my brother. I skated hard and he pushed hard. In the end, he was two seconds ahead of me!” Li Zhongru said, as a younger brother, he hopes to catch up with his brother in training and competitions. , Not giving way to each other, it is hard to compare.

Of course, they are also looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics, but they understand that the road has to be taken step by step.”At the moment, our goal is to strive to rank higher and higher in the (provincial) team.” (Hebei Daily reporter Zhao Ruixue)