The United States officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement today

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On November 4 last year, the U.S. government formally notified the United Nations to withdraw from the”Paris Agreement, which addresses global climate change. According to the”Paris Agreement”, the withdrawal process takes one year. This means that on November 4 this year, that is today, the United States formally withdrew from the”Paris Agreement” and became the only party to withdraw from the”Paris Agreement” so far.

What is the”Paris Agreement”, poke a video to understand↓

The”Paris Agreement” was reached at the Paris Climate Change Conference in December 2015 , Is the second legally binding climate agreement under the”United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change” after the”Kyoto Protocol.” The”Paris Agreement” pointed out that all parties will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, keep the global average temperature within 2°C from the pre-industrial level, and work hard to control the temperature rise within 1.5°C.

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According to the agreement, all parties will participate in the global response to climate change in the form of”independent contributions”. Developed countries will continue to take the lead in reducing emissions and strengthen funding, technology and capacity building support for developing countries to help the latter to mitigate and adapt to climate change. After the agreement enters into force, the content stipulated in the text of the treaty will be legally binding on all parties to the contract, unless the parties decide to withdraw.

Source:CCTV News Client of the Central Radio and Television Station