The US virus is fierce, but 1 million people fly by plane a day! The government’s appeal has no effect

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On the 22nd, the United States new crown virus is fierce, but the number of tourists is soaring!

On Saturday, more than 1 million Americans were flying, and the virus spread everywhere!

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Although the United States The number of domestic air travel has dropped significantly from this time last year, but more than 1 million people still traveled through various airports on Friday. This is the second-highest day for American Airlines since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic. On the same day in 2019, more than 2.5 million people passed through US airports.

The total number of new coronavirus infections in the United States has exceeded 12 million, with close to 200,000 cases every day. Health experts have warned that Americans may start to travel for the year-end holiday, which may trigger more outbreaks. The spread of the epidemic in the United States has entered a worrying new stage.

The fall epidemic brought about by cold weather will only worsen, making the United States a new day of new cases, which has become commonplace. Only a week ago, the number of new crown epidemic cases exceeded 11 million, and since the number of infected cases exceeded 100,000 for the first time on November 4, the daily increase is likely to double to 200,000 a day.

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Just like the top infectious disease experts in the United StatesAnthony Fauci recently said on Microsoft’s National Broadcasting Corporation (MSNBC):“When you compare the curve of the epidemic in spring and summer with the current When the curves are compared, the current epidemic situation is almost exponentially worse.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Thursday not to travel or attend parties during Thanksgiving. The center used its first press conference in months to warn of a sharp increase in cases reported in the past week. More than 250,000 people in the United States have died from the new coronavirus.

The screening data of the US Transportation Security Administration shows that many Americans have noticed the government’s call for people to treat the epidemic with caution. The worsening of the epidemic this week is expected to increase the pressure on hospitals and medical staff.

The number of hospitalizations across the United States has soared to an all-time high, prompting state after state to enact new restrictions, such as mandatory masks, curfews, and re-closure of businesses.

Harvard Medical School Intensive Care Doctor and Researcher Worthm said:”The terrible thing is that this week’s trip The number of people may be the largest since the pandemic began.” He said that he is more worried about what happens when travelers arrive at their destinations, because people from different families gather indoors, and the virus is more likely to spread indoors, usually with more vulnerable ones. Family members spread together.

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Worsim said that he heard that someone tried to protect The safety of relatives and communities is treated as”bad guys.” He said:”We must remember that the virus does not care about holidays. You are a family member and you have not seen each other for a long time. If there is a chance to spread, the virus will not care about these, and the virus will spread.”

< p>A passenger at the airport told reporters,”I have my own life to live and I have things to do, so we have to take necessary precautions.”

IT Asset Manager from South Florida Marley told the”Washington Post” reporter that on Saturday morning she saw a long-distance car in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Long security team and crowded people. 31-year-old Marley said:”I can’t stand it a bit…. When I walked to the door, it was not so crowded, but all I can think of is that there is almost no way to keep so many people away.”

Marley said that she did not initially plan to fly during the holidays, but the pressure accumulated during the presidential election made her eager to cooperate with North Carolina StateThe Lumberton family spent time together. She said that she booked the plane at the last minute, which was the first time since March.

Mike Lei said that her family plans to limit Thanksgiving celebrations to a small group of people, and she plans to wear a mask when they are around. She said:”This seems extreme,…but it seems to be the best way to prevent anything I might be infected during my travels from spreading to people.”

Among the people traveling by air, There are many college students, many of them will complete their fall semester at home. Davidson College education research professor Masicano said that few schools require students who leave school before Thanksgiving to get the new coronavirus Detection.

In the next few days, airports across the United States will definitely become more crowded, and the epidemic is expected to become worse.