The US”Living Fossil of the Cold War” concocts the framework document to contain China Zhao Lijian:”Can only be swept into the historical garbage dump”

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Reference News Network reported on November 20. According to a report from Russian Satellite News Agency on November 19, the Office of Policy Planning of the US State Department issued a 70-page research report on November 17th. Ten tasks that the United States needs to complete to meet China’s challenges. In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on the 19th that this document is another collection of anti-China lies concocted by some”living fossils of the Cold War” of the US State Department, and that in the end”can only be swept into the garbage dump of history.”

Zhao Lijian said at the regular press conference that day that this document fully exposed the deep-rooted Cold War thinking and ideological prejudices of some people in the United States, and also exposed their fear and anxiety about China’s continuous development and growth. And unhealthy mentality. Their sinister plot to restart the Cold War is bound to be spurned by the Chinese people and peace-loving people in the world. They are doomed to fail, and will eventually be swept into the garbage dump of history.

According to a report on the website of the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong on November 19, the outgoing administration of US President Trump recently released an ambition to confront China and the so-called China to replace the United States as a world superpower. Framework file.

This 74-page report stated that the United States should maintain the world’s most powerful military force, consolidate an open, rules-based international order, reassess and strengthen its alliance system, and let the American public Understand the challenges that China poses, and restrain and deter China if necessary.

Reported that Chinese analysts likened the report to the US diplomat’s George Kennan 1946 The modern version of”Telegram”. Kenan’s”Long Telegram” outlined the new strategy of the US’s diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union at that time, which later became the basis of the US Cold War policy.

Some experts pointed out:”The purpose of publishing this report now is to imitate Kenan’s thinking of containing the Soviet Union, and to help lay the foundation for a new’containment’ policy against China and to restrict the new government’s China policy.

Some experts also believe that the report is unlikely to make waves in China.”Trump’s term of office is coming to an end. His actions are only to create an established model or established reality for Biden.”< /p>

Source:Reference News Network