There is evil in human nature, and society can help him rectify it. If it is ignorant evil, it can only drift away.

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=928ac095361bd5c8f80e5455c1bcdd25 - There is evil in human nature, and society can help him rectify it. If it is ignorant evil, it can only drift away.

The philosopher Schopenhauer said:Human nature has one of the most special weaknesses:caring about how others perceive oneself. Most people care about what others think of themselves. People who care about other people’s opinions are often those who are more suggestive. No matter what we hear other people think of us, we must analyze what the other person’s intentions are.

Is it really good for us, or has another purpose. If the other person just talks casually, or has an opinion of you in order to conceal his true purpose, and you take this opinion very seriously, then you will be very tired, entangled, disappointed and painful.

Marx once said:The essence of man is not an abstract inherent in a single person. In fact, it is the sum of all social relations.

When we are born, we are inextricably connected with the world, our parents, relatives, friends and colleagues. Without these relationships, no one can prove that this world is related to”I”. Life is relationship, and relationship is life; if you want to improve your life, you only need to improve your relationship.

Life is relationship. Each of us cannot leave the relationship and exist independently. Only by properly handling the various relationships in life can we live our complete lives.

There are nothing more than two ways of inner growth, one is inner cultivation and meditation, the other is through relationship. Grow and transform in relationships to get a better life.

The maturation process of the mind is a process of continuous self-discovery and self-exploration. Unless we first understand ourselves, it is difficult for us to understand others.

As we continue to explore ourselves, we can better discover our own shortcomings and correct them. In the process of correcting, I also understood why others would do this and think so.

True mediocrity is not the mediocrity that has not been achieved in society, but the emptiness of spirit and spirituality, a kind of inner barrenness.

It seems that”achievement” has become a symbol of”extraordinary”. But money rich will never make up for spiritual poverty. Wealth can be a number, but the spiritual depth is a rich heritage that money can never compete.

Loneliness is not because there is no one around. The real reason for feeling lonely is the inability to communicate with others the most important feelings. Most people in the world are lonely, lonely hides in every cell, and survive tenaciously.

But every mature person grows up in loneliness. Because a person only has the opportunity to face and examine his own soul when he is alone and quiet. The world is simple, and so is life. It’s not that the world is complicated, but you have made it complicated.

Because human nature is a beast, and what traps it is the ropes of morality and law; it is the people who are too confident and trustworthy to tempt it to break free.

Maugham said in”The Moon Sixpence”:Despicableness and greatness, viciousness and kindness, hatred and love can coexist in the same star. In my heart.

In recent years, how many people, in order to gain more property for their own benefit, do not hesitate their brothers to become enemies, do not hesitate to tear their friends, do not hesitate father and son to go to court, some even take risks and commit crimes the road.

This is the blackness of human nature, a distortion of outlook on life and values! Pursuing interests is not terrible. What’s terrible is losing the moral character and bottom line in the face of interests.

Everyone is selfish, and everyone is eager to get the most benefit. This is human nature. However, in the pursuit of benefits, you must not deviate from the direction. You must maintain your moral character and maintain morality. The bottom line, especially not above the law.

The prosperity of the world is all for profit; the hustle and bustle of the world is all for profit. When we are pursuing our own legitimate interests, we must withstand temptations and tests, strictly guard the basic bottom line of being a human, and be a person with a conscience and sense of justice. Only in this way can our society form a reasonable and fair environment.

But in reality, the bad guys in the world of strangers are easier for us to recognize; while the bad guys in the world of acquaintances, we simply cannot distinguish.

Because of the bad guys in the world of acquaintances, they will disguise, hide deep, and will not do big evils. But they will continue to erode our property, take up our time, harm our interests, destroy our happiness, and gain benefits.

Qing Miao suggested that you keep your eyes open as much as possible and stay away from the bad guys in the world of acquaintances. Even if you cannot stay away from the surface, you must stay away from such people in your heart.

For human nature, you should never underestimate the ugliness of human nature, nor overestimate the goodness of human nature, let alone test human nature, because human nature cannot stand the test.

The Japanese writer Keigo Higashino explained in”White Night Walk”:There are two things in the world that cannot be looked at directly. One is the sun and the other is the human heart.

Money is a mirror. In front of money, human heart and humanity are exposed as the emperor’s new clothes. It can illuminate the true and false of people’s hearts and see the disguise of human nature.

In this life, people will meet all kinds of people, classmates, colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. Some people walk close, some walk far, some are acquaintances, and some may only know their names.

But no matter where you are close or close, and when there is no money, everyone can get along well. Once you encounter difficulties and need to borrow money, it will immediately let you see through! Very few people really come to help you!

The fate of most people is like falling leaves, dodging in the air, and finally staggering back to the dust. It seems skinless and faceless if you don’t scrutinize human nature, and human nature is desperate. Ten years ago, I probably wouldn’t say such things. I was just a young bird after graduating from university. Life is rising. I firmly believe in the good in human nature and never doubt the evil in human nature.

Money is something that sees through human nature. When people talk about the interest relationship of money, the true essence of the deep heart of some potential people is exposed. It is like a mirror, whether it is a human or a demon, and you can see it thoroughly in front of the mirror.

The human heart will show weakness in the face of interests. Therefore, money can see through the gap between people. Even so, I will still be myself, a dog is a dog, and I don’t live for money. Swordsman life, life is free and easy!

When people are tired, they rest; when the heart is tired, they are calm. When we grow up and mature, we can see through this society. Tired and sad, so I squatted down and gave myself a hug. Because no one in this world can sympathize with you, pity you.

You cried, and the tears are your own; you are in pain, and no one can feel it. You must be strong, even if you have been injured or shed tears, you can still grit your teeth and go on.

Therefore, the best relationship between people is distance. The pros and cons are clearly weighed, and those who should refuse are rejected directly. The souls in this world are half-human and half-ghosts. If you get too close, you can’t look at them, leaving space for others, but in fact, they also leave dignity to their souls.

There is a hidden rule in the emotional world of adults. Not taking the initiative is the answer, and not responding is equal to rejection. No one in this world is too busy to reply to your message.

Whoever you care about, give someone a knife; whoever you let close to you is equivalent to opening your armor. Therefore, we should not be hasty when we give our sincerity. Sometimes, when you do it right, no one will remember; when you do it wrong, even breathing is wrong.

Slowly learn that a person bears in the wind, does not expect someone’s hand, the world is unpredictable, the human heart is unpredictable, if you can carry it by yourself, don’t make a statement, your grievances are filled with others. Just funny and hypocritical. Except for marrying you and transferring money, don’t take your loves and misses too seriously. It is better to write a huge sum of money.

No job is easy, and there is no job that is not wronged, but life is like this. It is better to be bitter and sweet than to continue to bite.

The person who loves you is transferring money, the person who loves you is giving cash, the person who loves you buys gifts, the person who likes you is giving out red envelopes, the person who cheats you is pretending to be poor, five realistic sentences. Money cannot measure everything, but money will let you see everything.

One day, you will understand that your grievances have to be digested by yourself, and the story does not need to be told when you meet people. Most people will only peek at your jokes from their own standpoint.

Qing Miao’s essay suggests that in the process of interpersonal communication, human nature should not be tested. Human nature simply cannot stand the test. The best interpersonal communication is equal status and status of both parties, otherwise, this kind of communication will never be equal.

The weaker you are, the more bad people you will encounter; the weaker you are, the more scumbags you will encounter; the more tolerant and withdrawn, the more they will stretch their hands Deep, ultimately control your life.

Learn to recognize people and see through human nature. Don’t test human nature, because human nature can’t stand the test at all. There is no dutiful son before the bed for a long time, let alone the workplace? In the workplace, it is their duty for others not to help you, and it is fate to help you.

Don’t always ask someone to help you for free, and don’t bother others often. This is not because others are bad, but because you don’t have insight into human nature, don’t understand human nature, and you like to kidnap others with morals.

Be compliant with everything, and smile when faced with things that are not compliant. In the workplace, many people always feel uncomfortable with this and that. They never think about why they are uncomfortable. Because you are mentally immature, only when you are mentally mature, you will naturally look down on everything.

Many people like to use emotions to interfere with others when they encounter problems, and make others yield. Have you ever thought that the more you expose your emotions, the clearer your heart will be seen by others. Others use your emotional weakness to hit you or even make yourself jump off the building.

When you encounter something, when you smile, it is when others are most afraid of you, because your heart is too strong, so strong that your opponent trembles when they see you.

In this life, people live for money, live for money, work for money, and run for money. Worry about money, worry about money. Happy when you have money, worry when you have no money. A word of money clearly sees people’s hearts and human nature.

When you have money, everyone wants to surround you, flatter you, and flatter you; when you don’t have money, those who usually walk near, turn around and leave; those who call you brothers and sisters will instantly become you The Lord.

When you have money, you can share sweets with you and give you the icing on the cake; when you have no money, you can’t share the hardship together and give you charcoal in the snow.

When you have money, you always contact you everything, hoping to take your east wind and take your express train. When you have no money, no one will pay attention to you, try to avoid you, afraid that you will pull him back.

When you have money, life is comfortable, life is taste, you have confidence in your words, you can say everything you say, and you can believe everything you say.

When you have no money, living is torture, and life is hard. No matter how you say it, it’s not going well. He has no backbone and dare not be hard-hearted in doing things.

When you have money, you will look down on others, see that no one is like a person, domineering and arrogant. When there is no money, people can’t raise their heads, people live in stalemate, and they live suffocated.

Money, this thing. Fortunately, it is really good. It has made a lot of people, but it has also troubled many people. Many people’s diseases were cured, and many people were killed.

In this life, don’t value money too much. If you have money, you have to live your life well. As long as you are healthy, happy, happy, and peaceful, your life will be sweeter than honey, and happiness will be more than cow hair!

Only people appreciate your success, no one appreciates your efforts. This society is so realistic. Look down at courage and strength.

The best comfort in the world is not to tell the other person”everything will be fine”, but to say”cry ass, you see, I am worse than you”.

Generally when people ask me if I am busy, I will say busy. According to my experience, if you say not busy, then the other party will make you busy almost all of the time.

I was better than grades when I was young, and better than wages when I grew up, and now I am even better than steps in walking. Let me go, I just want to be a garbage that is indisputable in the world, but when I really do garbage, I realize that even the garbage has to be sorted! There are so many helpless choices in life that always make people involuntarily and insincere.

Finally understand that when you do it right, no one will remember; when you do it wrong, even breathing is wrong. How many people laugh like clowns and live like walking dead.

Don’t punish yourself with the mistakes of the villain, don’t waste your precious time on these trivial things. No matter how uncomfortable it is, life will continue. The reality is like this. If you don’t show any mercy, you will lose if you don’t fight.

Some things are too lazy to explain to others, some things can’t solve the problem even if they are spoken out, and some things are clarified but harm others and themselves, so many things turn into a”forget it” in the end .

Maturity means that I used to be sentimental when things were too big, but now I can handle it single-handedly.

Human nature is profit-oriented. In the face of interests, many people will tear down the disguise. This time is usually the best time to recognize and distinguish people.

If a person can disregard his conscience, no affection, or abandon morality for his own benefit, can you still believe such a person? It’s better to stay away as soon as possible! Otherwise, once you have a conflict of interest with him, you will definitely be very sad!

And if a person is in the face of interests, will not let go of inner principles, still stick to the belief in morals, and be able to put the relationship and family as the most important, then this person will never be a profit-seeking villain, he There must be a more noble choice.

The Analects says:”The gentleman is like justice, the villain is like profit.” To identify a person, you can use the word”profit” well. A gentleman has morality and conscience in his heart, so he will not harm morality for the sake of profit; the villain always uses”profit” as the yardstick to weigh, and often violates morality and morality, and even has no scruples.

Don’t gamble on God’s will, don’t guess people’s hearts. God can’t afford to gamble, people can’t guess. The reason why you are unhappy is that you can neither stand the current state nor the ability to change everything. I want to be as lazy as a pig, but not as lazy as a pig.

Among adults, once I don’t trust you, I think you are still playing routines as long as you follow up. People are tired of life, one is too serious, and the other is too wanting. However, whatever you want to control is actually controlling you.

Your depression is hypocritical, your procrastination is laziness, your obsessive-compulsive disorder is idle pain, your insomnia is not sleepy at all, and your choice phobia is because of poverty.

There are only people who can’t figure it out. The busiest day is”Another Day.” Everyone says”Another day is free to gather”, but”Another day” is never free. The farthest one is”next time”. Everyone says”next time”, but”next time” never comes.

In some families, a few noodles can support a hot day; in some families, a pile of gold coins turns the day upside down. Usually positive things happen to optimistic people!

There is always a period of time in life, full of anxiety, but we have no choice but to face it bravely. No matter how you change, you can’t make everyone like you, so it’s better to be what you want to be.

The most terrifying thing at the moment is:there is no lower limit on grades, social unsuccessful, young friends prefer house, ugly people still control their faces, wayward without money, stupid people don’t work hard, body fat still loves eating, people are poor If you don’t chop your hands, you are still hypocritical if you are single.

There is no empathy in this world, just because the laughter you give is too much, no one cares about your sadness, so don’t open your wounds stupidly and complain to others. In this world, there is a lot of salt. People.

Your goodness is like a candy to others, and it’s gone if you eat it; on the contrary, your badness is like a scar to others, and it’s permanent if you leave it. This is human nature.

The true truth is messy desires. The true truth of modern people is just another level of scenes.

You only understand when you are down. How few people are willing to give you a hand. You only understand when you are the poorest. No matter how good the relationship is, it can hardly be against reality. People are not greedy for money but are afraid of hardship.

Don’t give everything away at every turn. Instead of humbled into the dust, it is better to leave some pride and love for yourself. The most humble but the feelings, the coldest but the hearts.

When I was a child, I wrestled, always check if there are people around, cry if there is one, and get up if there is none; when you grow up, when you encounter unhappy things, you should also see if there are people around. Get up and cry if not.

The increase in meat prices is to let us lose weight, the increase in vegetables is to let us live a low-carbon life, the increase in cemeteries is to keep us alive, and the rise in wages is for us to work hard.

In this world, there are many people who turn their faces faster than they turn a book. When they need your help, they are enthusiastic. And when you let them pay back the money, they are unhappy, and it makes you feel that you are the guilty party.

When you urged him to pay back the money again, he bit back:I am so difficult now, you still ask me to pay me back, and when you lose me you are still a good friend. Then he made an oath:return it immediately, return it immediately, but when I sent a message to him, I found that I had been blacked out.

In the face of money, it is the easiest to expose a person’s nature, and it is also the most visible of a person’s true character. There are people who are cultivated in front of money, and their character is not too bad. To test a person’s character, just look at his attitude towards paying back the money. Some people have borrowed and repaid, and some have borrowed but not repaid.

If borrowing money is not a last resort, don’t borrow money from others lightly. Because in many cases, you kindly lend money to others, but you will get yourself into a very embarrassing situation. In this world, no one can do without money, and no one can avoid talking about money. Talking about money doesn’t necessarily hurt feelings, but you must see character.

The matter of borrowing money is most visible. A person who is willing to lend you money when you need it is worth cherishing. If you borrow money, you have to pay it back. Whether it is borrowed from someone or from a bank. If you borrow money, you have to pay it back. This is an obligation and a spirit of contract.

Money must be borrowed and repaid, love, and exchanges. In this way, we can be regarded as not losing our conscience and not betraying the goodwill of others. Others lend you money not because the other party has a lot of money, but because you need his help. He is willing to lend you money, which shows that he values ​​the relationship between you more than money.

Friends don’t lie in many, but in walking together through wind and rain. Regardless of the long-term love, the most important thing is to respond to requests. Those who can lend you money unconditionally when you need them are the nobles in your life. Such people trust us. If we fail to pay the money in time, it is unethical and betrays their trust.

So, if you borrow money, you must not be in arrears, otherwise you will lose credit. People who don’t have credit can’t afford it in this society. Please remember, don’t hurt the people who helped you, and the people who lend you money are chilling. Borrowing money is easy, but asking for money is difficult. Everyone should have a good memory. It is better to be careful about borrowing money!

In the face of interests, especially money interests, human nature is selfish. If someone else can reasonably and legally eat the”big pie”, he will definitely eat first, even if it is a support. Don’t expect him (she) to divide you a little! It’s just that people are different. Some people are kinder and put family, friendship, and love first. Such people don’t hesitate to share the”big pie” with you a little, or even more!

Some people take a long-term view, and they will naturally share your share of the win-win cooperation! Some people will be human and will take care of all aspects! But no matter the kind of person, if others get your share of the pie, they are kind! It is understandable that others can understand without distinction!

We act as people and do things to maximize our own interests. In the face of interests (legitimate rights and interests), any behavior is understandable! Don’t test human nature, otherwise the road of life will become narrower and narrower, and people will be disappointed and even desperate!

When a person fails to take a pause, you give him a bowl of rice to solve his urgent need, and he may be grateful to you. But if you give him rice every day, he has formed a habit and takes it for granted. One day, if you don’t give him rice, he will get angry because of it. This is the principle of “helping the emergency is a kindness, and grievance is a grievance”.

In the past, there were two families of the rich and the poor, and the relationship was very good. There was a natural disaster for a year, and the poor families had no harvest. Seeing that no rice was in the pot, the rich had some extra food, so they gave the poor. Home sent a liter of rice for emergency.

The poor are grateful, and the rich are their saviors! After going through the storm, the poor will thank the rich. Among them, when the seeds for next year had not yet arrived, the rich family generously gave him another bucket of grains. The poor man went home very gratefully.

When they got home, the poor felt that this grain was not enough for next year’s seed, so they said angrily that they were too much. Since there are so many grains, they should send more, which is too stingy. This word somehow reached the ears of the rich, and the rich became angry, thinking, I gave you so much food for nothing, not only did you not thank me, but also complained about me. So the two families are like passers-by and never talk to each other again. This is the story of”Bowl Meen, Fighting Mien”.

During the Three Kingdoms period, there was a woman named Zhao Ji in Wu State who was very wise. When her daughter got married, she repeatedly said:“When you arrive at your husband’s house, don’t do too much good!” The girl did not understand what Zhao Ji meant. In fact, these remarks have both philosophical thoughts and human wisdom, and they also involve psychological issues. A good thing is not that you can’t do it, it’s that you can’t do it often. Once others have become accustomed to doing good deeds from you, and even think that you are born to do good deeds, then your failure to do good deeds becomes your fault, and your in-laws will resent you and slander you for this.

In the past few years, there was an old thing:a young man squeezed out 500 yuan a month to help an old beggar. A few years later, because of marrying a wife and having children, he was in short supply, so he gave the beggar 200 yuan a month. The beggar was furious and said how can you take my money to care for the mother and child. This kind of thing is rare, but it makes people feel a lot!

Human nature is like this:When you get help for the first time, you are grateful. When you get help for the second time, your gratitude fades. After several times, it becomes a matter of course. Feel at ease, one day, if you don’t help him, he will resent you.

After understanding this truth, you will know why Lei Feng always lends a hand when others need help the most. Others pulled the cart and approached the top of the slope, just the last few steps. He hurried over to the cart; the woman hugged the child until he could not hold it, and was exhausted. He stretched out his hand to help hug for a while; the comrade-in-arms had a flood in his hometown, and his family When there was no rice in the pot, the old man became seriously ill, so he sent some money to save people from danger. The spirit of the immortal Lei Feng must be for emergency, not poverty.

As the saying goes:”Poor people must have something to hate.” Some people are not poor themselves, but they cry poor everywhere, and they force others’ things and money. For example, some fake beggars beg for money on the street every day. If you understand his actual situation, you will find that he has several houses and is a rich man.

Some people pretend to be pitiful when they are working, pretending that they don’t understand this or that they don’t understand, and then push the work out and do it for others. Although he would also ask others for advice, they were all hypocritical, not sincerely wanting to learn knowledge. Sometimes, he deliberately pours bitterness in front of others to arouse their sympathy, and then use other people’s feelings to do something unseen.

Pretending to be a poor person is really ill-intentioned. If you help him, he will do ungrateful things and surprise you. For such a person, you need to be”indifferent”, no matter how pitiful he is, just ignore it.

It’s hard to draw a tiger and a skin, and it’s hard to draw a bone. Associating with people, you don’t know who is the sheep and who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is the sheep who is sincere and kind and must be kind and don’t chill him. The wolf is cunning and insidious. Be careful not to let him deceive!

That’s the reality, it’s better to say what you can do, and what to say is worse than pretending. Keep your eyes open when you get along with people. You can’t just look at the surface when you look at people. Work with people carefully. Don’t be foolish and fooled! People are immortal, you must be wary, sincere is rare, and you must be grateful.

When dealing with people, whether you are stupid or sweet, a kind heart is your capital; whether you can speak or be able to live a life, be honest and upright is the key; not pretending, not perfunctory, not deceiving, is the truth of a person . To be tolerant, respectful, and considerate is a person’s kindness. To be a positive person is more important than anything else!

Sometimes, people cannot be too kind. If everything is too generous and tolerant, others will not appreciate you, but will get worse. People should have a temper, and being too kind will make them lose their value and dignity. There is a saying:People are good to be deceived, and Ma is good to be rided. Everything is adequate. Too much kindness will lead to lack of mind; if humility is too much, it becomes weakness.

Dogs can’t be fed too much, and people can’t be too good. If you feed a dog for three days, it will remember you for three years, and if you treat people well for three years, he can forget you in three days. Many times , People are inferior to dogs. There is no right or wrong in this society, only strong and weak. If you do, people will cheat you, but if you can’t, even dogs will step on you.

To be a man, one cannot live without a conscience! Conscience is a person’s conscience, a person’s moral bottom line and code of conduct. For a lifetime, money is not the first, power is not the first, the only conscience is the first. If a person has no conscience, everyone around him will leave him and become a disgusting person. Therefore, to behave and do things, one must have a conscience!

Some people have their consciences blackened. They are deceived for profit, defrauded for money, defrauded to get what they want, by unscrupulous means, and even hitting the law to harm others. People without a conscience lose a lot of things that money cannot buy in the end.

Living alone in this world, conscience is your most precious treasure, and it is what truly belongs to you. Money, life does not bring death, it is nothing more than things outside of the body, don’t lose the truly precious qualities for these things.

A person can live a lifetime without money, without love, without power, but without a conscience. If a person has no conscience, he will be insatiable, sell himself cheaply, betray his friends, abandon his family, lose dignity and bottom line, and don’t care about those who truly love you. Use your friends as a tool to use yours. The family should be a burden.

Keep your own conscience and conscience, don’t do bad things for profit, don’t sell your friends for money, don’t cover your conscience for power, be a down-to-earth person, be open and honest, be fair and honest, and be worthy of your conscience.

Being a man, you must know your gratitude, you must have a conscience, ingratitude, gratitude, and gratitude must not be done. Friends who have helped you must not forget, let alone a bite because of profit. Earning, once the conscience is gone, friends are gone, family members are gone, and nothing is gone.

For people who understand the world, you must pay attention to etiquette in everything you do. In this world, the most expensive thing is human love, and the most expensive thing is face. Be a man and do things to save face for others.

As the saying goes:”Trees live with a layer of skin, and people live with a face.” So, don’t hurt the face of others, and there is no better way to give face. Many times, when we can turn around, we will try our best to save some face to others. Everyone has self-esteem and loves face. We should leave room for others as well as ourselves. Sometimes, we must be thoughtful and considerate in order to avoid mistakes.

This is also what Guiguzi said:”You want to save your precious week.” Guiguzi tells us that if you want to talk and do things, the most important thing is to think carefully. In many cases, the reason why we do not have enough temperament for others is precisely because we are not thoughtful.

To be a man, one must have a conscience. A person with a kind heart and respect for others can get the kindness and respect of others. You can have nothing, but you must not have a conscience. Conscience is the foundation of a person. It is the dignity of a person to live.

A grain of rice feeds the benefactor, and a stone rice feeds the enemy. What the old man said is correct. Don’t give everything away at every turn, leave some pride and heartache to yourself, remember, the coolest is not the heart. People are doing things, the sky is watching, there are gods who raise their heads three feet up, and being human is nothing without a conscience.

Don’t turn yourself into a black belly just because you have been betrayed. Persist in kindness will attract more people to treat you kindly. As long as a person is willing to change his mind, things will turn for the better. The stronger the idea of ​​change, the greater the chance of winning.

If a person has an open mind, stays curious, gets rid of preconceptions, keeps on learning, and seeks new changes, it will broaden his horizons and have a creative life.

Whether you do things or love someone, you need to be persistent, you don’t need to be persistent. What you give is not necessarily what others want; what you work hard is not satisfactory. The direction is right, even if the road is far away, you can reach it; if you go in the opposite direction, hope is like drawing water from a bamboo basket.

Let’s not be self-righteous, don’t be wishful thinking fools, and think more empathy, taking into account the feelings of others. Not at the end of all waiting, there are dreams; only when you truly understand can you fulfill your wishes.

In life, you must have a goal, know why you work hard, and why you work hard. In fact, the result is not important. What is important is the process. There is no fluke success in the world. There is only double hard work. Behind the hard work, there must be double rewards.

Life is very limited and there is no need for too many people. The world seems to be bustling, but in fact the hustle and bustle is outside, and few people are connected. Our illusion is that we are indispensable and we are always right there. This is just wishful thinking. Everyone will turn when the earth leaves. Everyone is seeking survival.

Loneliness and revelry, like flowers and grasses, staged the opening or curtain call of fate. What is precious are those silent companions who know your heart deeply, and they are your beloved ones. Tears are the only way to express emotions with your eyes when you cannot explain your heartbreak with your mouth.

Opportunity is fair to anyone. When it is around us, it is not dressed up, but ordinary, and it is inconspicuous at all. Opportunities that seem to be dazzling are often not opportunities, perhaps traps; real opportunities are simple at first, and only through active capture and diligent efforts will they become exceptionally gorgeous. Opportunities are always reserved for you who are prepared!

As long as you run, the world will run with you, as long as you stop, the world will abandon you and run alone. Only if you determine a direction and run hard, the world will make way for you. You need to move and let the wind be behind you.

Life has many aspects, and the world is in a variety of ways. When dealing with it calmly, being indifferent, not afraid of floating clouds, not being confused by small profits, not locked into traps, and not detrimental to leisure. Some people just smile and become unfamiliar. Those who deliberately get close will eventually disappear with no trace; some things will pass, and the current difficulties and frustrations may be your way up the ladder in the future. When you walk to the water and the road, you can sit down and watch the clouds rise and the sky is high. It depends on your vision and heart. When I saw everything through, I realized that losing is more practical than possessing.

Suffering is equal no matter whether it is good or not. Just like life, we can’t be smooth sailing, and we will always experience our spring, summer, autumn and winter, with happiness, loss, setbacks, and success. This is life. Only when we have experienced it will we have the taste and the sweets and bitters we have experienced before will we grow. There is no absolutely happy person in the world, only hearts that are not willing to be happy.

If you don’t earn enough money, take a look at things outside of your body; endless entertainment, a word of speech, is good for your health; unfamiliar world, quiet, let nature; endless filial piety , Take a walk, go home to see; the endless future, take a slow, stroll through life.

If you are willing to suffer a loss, others will make friends with them and win people’s hearts invisibly. If you always weigh and care about everything, you always want to get the benefits and take advantage of it. Over time, people will ignore them, avoid them, and stay away. If you are speechless, you will have fewer friends, and if you have no friends, you will be indifferent. People who know how to suffer can always not suffer.

If you lose a meager profit, you will eventually win a lot of money. No matter how good things are, you can’t look good. It’s better to always be compassionate, always extend a helping hand, always give warm love, be a man and make things happen. Whether it’s friendship or love, you come and I will embrace you warmly. You go, I calmly let go.

As long as you choose, there will be no regrets, youth is a classic, and you will never be able to redeem it; don’t indulge in the shadows of the past, otherwise you will never see the road ahead; don’t expect everything Everyone understands you, you don’t need to understand everyone, don’t care, and you don’t have to be sad.

Life is a barren journey, one knows one’s warmth and coldness, and is full of joy and suffering. Those who are affectionate are not necessarily destined, and those who are destined are not necessarily affectionate. You can enlighten the way when you are at ease. Tea water washes the heart, and the heart is like a mirror. As long as one sees oneself clearly, one can distinguish the world of impermanence. You don’t have to panic when you’re confused, and tomorrow will be there as promised. Chunhua is still so beautiful.

There are some things that can be based on winning or losing. You win for a while and you can start all over again if you lose. Sometimes, if you lose, you lose completely, and you can’t find what you lost.

For example, parents must be filial as early as possible, and don’t want their children to be nurturing and not waiting; for example, health, don’t trample on when fighting desperately, wait until you become famous and you will have no blessings; such as emotions, some people are already there In the course of the years, it turns into your shadow. If you are missing, you are destined to be alone and helpless.

Life is a journey, we don’t care about the destination, what we care about is the scenery along the way and the mood of seeing the scenery; life is a rough and tortuous road, even if it is constantly falling, then we must get up ,stand by one’s dreams.

Remember, if you don’t give up this second, there will be hope in the next second. Don’t miss the past too much, because it will bring you sadness; living in the present with a smile, it will bring joy.

Giving up is actually a kind of beauty, it does not mean escape, because it is just a choice, it is another kind of beauty. Life gives us endless joys and sorrows, and it also gives us the right to choose.

So, Enron gave up and insisted on detachment. No matter how the mundane life changes, no matter whether the result of the choice is wrong or right, we are evasive but brave, sad but beautiful. Because life is impermanent, and the way forward is more exciting! Being kind to people you don’t like does not mean you are hypocritical, but it means that you are mature enough to accommodate these dislikes.

Many things can be solved without evasion, and many things can be erased without covering up. No one can satisfy everyone. No matter how smooth you are, it is impossible to do everything to the joy of conflicts of interest. Someone will always be hurt.

When conflicts arise and we need to choose, we must be clear about what we want, and even if it hurts, we must give up what we should give up. If we are lucky, we may end up with what we originally wanted to keep. not coming. Long time may not be in love, but it will definitely see people’s hearts, and time will tell the truth.

The human heart is unpredictable. You waste this short life, and you can’t understand the working law of the human heart, because the heart keeps turning with the situation.

Knowing people is wise. The”knowledge” mentioned by Confucius is the knowledge in Confucius'”knowing the destiny at fifty”. It cannot be simply understood in the modern context. It is not”knowing” under common sense. , But the knowledge in”the unity of knowledge and action”, the knowledge in”knowing without thinking”.

This”knowledge” is automatic, it is the natural nature that emerges after tempering the mind. It does not increase or decrease. So”knowing others is wise”, knowing people and oneself become one, his words and deeds can touch every nerve of”I”, and his thoughts and actions can be clearly in my clear mind. Map it out.

However, the key point of strength to achieve this level is the second half of the sentence”the one who knows himself knows.” Only when one knows one’s own nature can one knows one’s nature, and only one knows one’s own mind can one knows the human heart.


h1>There is a proverb:“Gratitude is the smallest of the virtues, and ungratefulness is the worst in character.” An ungrateful person is actually a person of poor character. When you meet such a person, you need to keep your eyes open. Don’t let such a person overdraw your kindness. mutual encouragement!