Thinking from pets!

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I have had several years of rural life experience when I was young. Since I was a child I have loved animals, blue sky, white clouds, wild chrysanthemums all over the mountains and wild chrysanthemums. The creek, the big yellow dog barking in the wilderness, Liang Shang concentrated on catching the cat who was ready to jump at any time in order to catch the rat. He sketched out the beautiful picture of childhood in an instant. I remember that I had a few cats in my childhood. For poor families, the so-called “cat food” is nothing more than a nest after artificial chewing. The survival of cats is actually dependent on their own foraging action. Unlike the current cat food and dog food, there are so many varieties of colors. for selection. At that time, there was no concept of pets in my heart. I just thought it was fun, harmonious between humans and animals. You can chase and play in the yard with cows, sheep, chickens and dogs in the sun. You can eat broad beans that have just been roasted from the ashes on the ground, and your face is full. Dirt, naive, childlike, and can’t restrain the desire for closeness to nature! Regardless of cats or dogs, the human nature can always attract many playmates of the same age. I feel that it was a sunny era, a poor and as happy as a grandson and a grandpa, and a carefree and carefree future. An era full of hope and longing…

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I have seen ordinary homes before Cats and wild cats have never heard of the saying that there are stray dogs, but with the pace of social development, let alone other cats and dogs, there are many varieties, many of them are dizzying, what are puppet cats, exotic shorthairs Cat, Persian cat, Maine Coon, Siamese, Scottish Fold, Highland Fold, Bengal leopard cat, Bombay cat, Canadian hairless cat, Chinchilla cat, short-footed cat, Abyssinian cat, Russian blue cat, Egyptian cat, Barman Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Chartres, Kratt, Havana, American Curl, Angora, Singaporean, Berman span>There are so many varieties…the variety of dogs is even more staggering. I think I know a lot of them. Ask Baidu, damn! What:Akita, Doberman, Great Dane, Great White Bear, Ramboger, Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound, Soviet Borzoi Boda, Mastiff, Kuvaz, Saluki Hound, Greyhound, Anatolian Shepherd, Norwegian Lundhound, Black Russian Terrier, Scottish Deerhound, Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Neapolitan Mastiff, Case Terrier. Tibetan Mastiff, German Shepherd, Cathrow, Rottweiler, Afghan Hound, Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, Pharaoh Hound, Alaska Sled dogs, Lamborghini, Belgian Shepherd, Bloodhound, Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bordeaux… There are countless large and small dogs…

Society develops, the market is in demand, and the huge pet market attracts all parties to show their talents in the economic tide. Comprehensive market reforms make the charm of capital appear in the streets and all walks of life. Subvert people’s previous cognition of the so-called social system and social attributes…

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Great changes After being forced to raise a dog for a period of time, the feelings for dogs are naturally a different feeling, which is definitely not equivalent to people’s dependence on pets and emotional comfort in the current sense! Although the great wolf dog named “Heizi” has left me for a few years ago, the mutual trust that I have established with him and the sincere feelings between humans and animals are incomparable. It is very imaginable. Let people miss it! The old Shen, who lives alone next door, raises two Chihuahuas that have been bred. Every morning and evening, he can always see him hobbled and walked his dog. Because the puppy barking in the middle of the night disturbs the people, he privately negotiated to persuade him to give up raising. Dog, but the end result was that I gave up persuasion and let it go, because this kind of emotional sustenance I knew too well. The old man divorced in his early years, and most of his children were outside discussing life. One of his sons belonged to drug addicts, although they seemed to be close at hand. He has been missing for many years, and the loneliness and loneliness of the old man’s expressions between his brows and eyes is beyond words. This situation is really unbearable to see and it is hesitant to talk. I believe that the two dogs brought him more than just a kind of spiritual comfort. Ji, its role has actually far exceeded the partner in life! The loyalty of a dog is well known to women and children. To the owner, a dog is only a small part of a certain course of life. But for a dog, the owner is the entire life of it, it cannot be replaced, let alone abandoned…

That’s it! I am determined to cancel the idea of ​​persuasion, another poor old man…

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Communicate with friends today Knowing that my children do not want children after marriage, the girl and I have discussed about marriage. She has no concept of marriage at all. This makes people fall into contemplation, and such a life attitude is shocking and has to be faced! As far as I know, this is not a case in fact, but a common phenomenon in Chinese society. According to investigations, there are more than 600,000 “DINK families” with voluntary infertility in large and medium-sized cities in China. This kind of data is accelerating. It continues to rise, and nearly 70%of the people surveyed believe that”DINK families” will increase year by year. The name of the word ”丁克” comes from the combination of the first letters D, I, N, and K of the four words of English Double Income No Kids-a homophone of DINK. The Chinese interpretation of Double Income No Kids refers to those who have fertility and actively choose Infertility may also be a group of people who passively choose infertility due to subjective or objective reasons. The increase of DINK families is an inevitable phenomenon after the society has progressed to a certain level, but it reflects not only the changes in the values ​​of the Chinese people, but also inextricably linked with the cruel reality of today’s society. Traditionally, having children is an inevitable choice for newlyweds in China. The most frequently used greetings at weddings are”Giving birth to a son early.” Even the peanuts and jujubes spilled on the marriage bed have a profound meaning (early birth, flowers Birth, having children and daughters) has even become an important criterion for measuring women’s own value. Having no children means that the incense will be cut off. For women living in traditional rural China, it means that they will face “extraordinary” experiences in the future. The consequences they have to bear are really unimaginable, but strange. It is a fact that more and more modern Chinese women living in cities refuse to be mothers nowadays. It is not yet known how many unpredictable uncertain factors will be added to the future society. Such thinking is not The simple word”thinking” can be passed, but I leave it to experts and scholars to find out. It is undeniable that the rapid increase of DINK families, late marriage and late childbirth has become an established fact in real life, and even the idea that only the object does not want to get married has permeated many young people. The family is the cell of the country, and it is impossible for the country. The missing component, let this trend of thought spread, is it a blessing or curse for the entire nation and society? It is really unpredictable! In addition to the changes in people’s thinking and concepts, the heavy economic burden and the spiritual and economic costs of parenting are probably an unavoidable fact! With the rapid development of industrialization and modernization, the new generation of Chinese families is facing a very embarrassing choice. A newer survey aimed at China’s highly educated class with a master’s degree or above and found that they still hold a positive attitude towards the meaning of fertility. However, this survey also showed that”involving energy” (25.4%),”influencing work” (16.7%),”limited financial capacity” (18.6%) and”influencing the world of two people” (13.6%), etc. Make childbirth more and more daunting!

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The author has an old colleague who has been married for many years without thinking about childbirth. The young couple has grown up. Holding a famous cat around the world, talking about famous cats in the world, and talking about raising children, he looks dignified and full of gloom, because the mortgage has not been paid off, it is found that young people who have similar thoughts and experiences will pay it back. There are not a few. In addition to the changes in people’s traditional thinking, there is no doubt that a series of butterfly effects brought about by today’s high housing prices and the unsound social welfare system has blossomed across China. The good news is that the country has now let go of the second child and gradually The introduction and implementation of relevant auxiliary policies can be described as a remedy, which shows the degree of importance it is attached to. However, investment and continuous improvement in the field of people’s livelihood will still take time and a long way to go!

The Chinese nation has a splendid history of civilization for five thousand years. The ancients said:Unfilial piety has three incompetences. However, such ancient precepts are already unfamiliar to young people nowadays. Living in the present, there is wine in the present, drunk in the present, but the idea of ​​drinking gruel tomorrow has been deeply rooted in the bones. There are probably thousands of answers to asking for the purpose of having children and raising children. I think that raising children is in addition to continuous descendants. The influence of the outside world on the inheritance of cultural civilization is definitely not to be underestimated!

I am Huaixiang season, welcome to pay attention to Toutiao!

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