Tianjin women’s volleyball team beat Liaoning in three straight games

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=3c27cc6414ac9c75fa36f13de9b8819c - Tianjin women's volleyball team beat Liaoning in three straight games News from our newspaper (Reporter Liang Bin and Xie Chen) Last night, in the 2020-2021 season Chinese Women’s Volleyball ranked second in the Super League In the third round of the competition, the Tianjin Bohai Bank Women’s Volleyball Team, which continued to be supported by Wang Yizhu, defeated Liaoning Women’s Volleyball Team with 7 wins. 1 negative score of 22 points ranked first among the participating teams in the second stage, and the score of the three rounds was 25:17, 25:15 and 25:12. Under the efficient organization of captain Yao Di, Zhu Ting performed well and scored a game-high 23 points. After the game, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball head coach Wang Baoquan thought that the team’s new lineup would go a step further,”Now the team is basically supported by Wang Yizhu. We will continue to exercise this lineup in the following games. From the point of view of this game, this lineup is better than one game, Zhu Ting, Li Yingying and Wang Yuanyuan strives for every ball on the court, especially the young player Wang Yizhu, who also showed confidence under the leadership of the old players, and performed well.” Today at 16:00, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team will face Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team.

In this campaign, Tianjin team continued the starting lineup of the previous game. Liaoning team’s starting lineup is the main attacker, Shi Bingtong, deputy attackers Yan Ni, Hu Mingyuan, and Sun Xiaoxuan, setter Ding Xia, free agent Miyako. At the beginning of the game, the Tianjin team used the serve to effectively impact the opponent’s first pass, making it difficult for the Liaoning team to organize a high-quality offense. The blocking and defense also effectively contained the performance of the national team’s deputy attack combination Yan Ni and Hu Mingyuan. Only get 2 points and 5 points respectively. Throughout the game, the serve of Zhu Ting, Li Yingying, Wang Yizhu, Wang Yuanyuan, Yao Di and Wang Ning could effectively impact the Liaoning team’s first pass. system. Compared with the previous game, Wang Yizhu’s mentality is more stable. Although she has not many offensive opportunities, she has a very high offensive efficiency in the second position, has a stronger performance in the contact position, and has played more comprehensively. Scored 11 points, including 8 points for spiking, 2 points for serving and 1 point for blocking. From the second game, Wang Yizhu showed his offensive power in the second position and played more confidently. Every time he dunks a goal or received encouragement from his teammates, the teenager would smile. In addition to the offense, the block with her teammates at the second position put a lot of pressure on the Liaoning team’s main offense at the fourth position. In order to avoid the blocker, Duan Fang repeatedly attacked out of bounds.

Li Yingying, who took the lead in six rounds of a pass, scored the second highest score of the team with 13 points in this campaign. Wang Baoquan admitted frankly If you want Li Yingying to improve quickly, you must exercise her in a difficult situation.”Although she has some small fluctuations in the first pass, for the national team, she still needs to exercise her first pass and defense on the court. I also told her, I hope she can Maturity as soon as possible, the offense, first pass and defense must be quickly improved to become a more comprehensive attacker.” Another focus of the battle, Jiangsu The women’s volleyball team lost to the Shanghai women’s volleyball team 2:3.

Source:Tianjin Daily