Tim Medvedev defeated the giants to join the year-end finals

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China News Service, November 22nd, the week-long 2020 ATP year-end finals will come to an end and will be held this morning last night In the two men’s singles semi-final contests, Tim defeated Djokovic 7:5/6:7(10)/7:6(5) and reached the final for two consecutive years; Medvedev 3:6/7:6(4)/6:3 reversed and completed his first career victory against Nadal. The giants have smashed, and Tim and Medvedev will also be in the final stage.

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The top four players are the top four players in the world. This is the first time such a situation has occurred in the ATP year-end finals in 16 years. Picture source:ATP Tour Official WeChat

The game between Tim and Dr. De was the first to start. In the first set, Tim broke serve in the 11th game at the end of the set. After securing serve, he took the lead with 7:5. The big score leads 1:0. ATP data shows that in the 2020 season, Tim’s record after winning the first set is 21 wins and 1 loss.

In the second set, Xiaode almost lost directly, and the stalemate continued until the final juncture of the tie-break. After falling behind 9:10 in the tie-breaker, Djokovic saved the fourth opponent’s victory point in the set, scoring 3 points in a row and winning 7:6 (10) to tie the big score.

When it came to the decisive set, the competition between the two sides became more intense. Both of the 12 rounds were guaranteed to serve successfully, and the game entered the tie-break again. In the suffocating game of life and death, Xiaode broke serve consecutively and got a 4:0 dream start. But Tim suddenly made an effort and chased 6 points in a row to get the match point again with 6:4. Although Djokovic saved the match point again, Tim managed to cash it out at the last minute and won by a small score of 7:5. , A big score of 2:1 advanced to the final. At the same time, this victory was Tim’s 300th career victory.

After the game, Tim said of his hard-earned victory:“It’s very special to reach the finals in the finals. It’s very special in the US Net After winning the first major championship, I originally thought I should become more calm, but I guess it was a wrong idea, because I was still as nervous as I was in the past. This game has come many times At the edge of crisis, the same is true for every other game here, because this is a duel between the best players in the world. It makes me incredibly happy to pass this test and I will be ready for tomorrow.”< /p>

In the second semi-final of the ATP Finals, Nadal took the lead with 6:3 in the first set. Although Medvedev lost 4 consecutive games after leading 4:1 in the second set, he was still resolving the serve to win the game and pulled back a set 7:4 in the tie-break. In the decisive set, the victory scale began to tilt towards Medvedev. After a 3:3 tie, he broke Nadal’s two consecutive serving games and secured the victory with 6:3. He entered the championship game for the first time in his career. Tim fights for the championship.

After the game, Medvedev said:”Until his serve wins the game at 5:4 in the second set, I always felt a little strange. I played a lot of good shots, but He didn’t show up in the score. He performed better at the critical moment, but my performance was not satisfactory. Then I decided to make some small changes. I moved a bit forward and performed a bit more proactively. The tactics didn’t work, so I had to make such a change, and it finally worked, and I’m very happy about it.”

It’s worth mentioning that this semifinal is still Medved. For the first time in his career, he defeated Spaniard Nadal, and from the Paris Masters to the ATP year-end finals in London, he has won Nine consecutive victories.

In addition, the men’s doubles final match was announced with the end of the semi-finals. Melzer/Roger Vaselin reversed the No. 2 seed Ram/Salisbury to enter the final. Compete with Kurkhov/Mektic for the championship. With the defeat of the Ram/Salisbury combination, Pavich/Soares, who failed to qualify from the group, successfully secured the first place in the year-end doubles. This year the two won the first Grand Slam championship after their cooperation at the U.S. Open, and have since won second place at the French Open and the Paris Masters. (End)

Source:China News Net