To:Everyone you meet in 2020, thank you for having you

By yqqlm yqqlm

Entering dreams and reminiscing about juvenile affairs, I woke up in a daze and wasted.

At this time spring is approaching, so I can sigh and sigh again!


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When I picked up the pen, I was thinking that there are still more than 30 days, 2020 will be over.

2021 will also slowly unfold the mystery that belongs to it before us, and then step into our lives.

Some sigh, and some melancholy!

Time can’t stand the slightest wastage and squandering, just like looking back now, I suddenly found that it turned out that the year’s situation was just like this, and I was beside me again. Quietly passed away.

Then, I suddenly wanted to write an article for everyone I met and met during the year.

Thanks, just because of you, this originally tasteless life has become a little more exciting and more colorful.

Regardless, is the meeting between us fate or sin?

What do you bring to each other, is it joy or disgust?

After all, it’s all about meeting and getting acquainted!

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Sometimes we think that our lives are actually the toss and turns of encounters and farewells, like a rotation of ups and downs.

It is precisely because of this that our lives have become delicious, colorful and colorful!

Although these tastes and colors, not all of them are good, they are also in line with their own wishes.

However, there are occasional joys, occasional losses, occasional gains, and occasionally sad lives. If you think about it carefully, it seems that life is more complete.

After all, without these, our lives seem to have lost all meaning and beauty.

isn’t it?

So, thank you, thank you for meeting, and thank you for having you!

Because of your appearance, your passing has caused the life that was originally like a parallel line, with some ups and downs and waves, and then, life has become more and more Be full and exciting.

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Life, in many cases, lives in groups.

Like us, we often have to support each other in order to better walk in this complex and changeable society.

So, whether it is an opponent, a stranger, a confidant, or a relative or friend, etc.!

Their existence is more or less directly or indirectly helping us, and better shaping our own beautiful life.

Similarly, it is constantly guiding us, towards a better happiness, and running!

So, I’d like to say something to everyone here:”Thank you!”

Because I met , Because of you, my life is no longer a parallel line!

Also because of your influence, I gradually have that wonderful part of my own!

Thank you, and thank you for being in my life…


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