Top ten season scoring efficiency:Levan tops

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[Top 10 season scoring efficiency:Lewandard tops] To measure the level of a forward, not only the number of goals scored, but also the time it takes for him to score a goal. According to statistics from the famous European data website”WhoScored”, among the players who have scored at least 5 goals in the five major leagues this season, Lewand has the highest scoring efficiency. The Polish striker only needs 41.5 minutes to score a goal. The following are the top 10 in scoring efficiency in the five major leagues this season (at least 5 goals):1. Lewandese (Bayern):41.5 minutes/Ball 2. Kramaric (Hoffenheim):45 minutes/ball 3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus):48.3 minutes/ball 4. Ibrahimovic (Milan):56.3 minutes/ball 5. Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain) ):62.1 minutes/ball 6. Arario (Leverkusen):67.7 minutes/ball 7. Vardi (Les Special City):70.1 minutes/ball 8, Suarez (Atletico):75.2 minutes/ball 9, Boraille-Dia (Lance):75.5 minutes/ball 10, Harland (Dort):79.3 minutes /Ball

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Source:CCTV Sports