Trudeau calls on Canadians to do everything they can to fight the epidemic

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Xinhua News Agency, Ottawa, November 20th (Reporter Li Baodong) Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau called on the 20th The people, for the future of Canada, do everything they can to prevent the new crown epidemic from getting worse.

At a press conference held on the same day, Trudeau said that the number of new crown cases in Canada has increased significantly. He called on Canadians to make one last major effort, which will be related to the future of Canadian people, economy and business. He also called on Canadians to stay home and work from home.

Before Trudeau’s press conference, the Public Health Agency of Canada released a report on the trend of the Canadian epidemic. According to the report, if the people maintain the current frequency of person-to-person contact and do not adopt more stringent restrictions, the average number of new cases per day in December will reach 20,000; if the people increase their contact with others, the average daily rate will reach the end of December. The number of new cases will reach 60,000.

The report predicts that by November 30, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Canada will be between 366,500 and 378,600, and the cumulative number of deaths will be between 11,870 and 12,120.

The Public Health Agency of Canada announced on the 19th that from November 12th to 18th, Canada had an average of 4788 new cases per day. According to a Canadian TV report, as of the afternoon of the 20th, Canada had a total of 319,047 confirmed cases and a total of 11,317 deaths.

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