“Trump liquidation in 2021”? Someone took the lead in this matter

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Trump has not officially stepped down as President of the United States, but his political liquidation may already be on the way!

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According to”Capitol Hill” local time on November 18 According to reports, New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascorell, chairman of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Oversight Panel, issued a fierce statement on the 17th, criticizing Trump for committing”treason.” Pascoe Rael claimed that Trump had betrayed the United States and failed to do a good job of governance and protection of the United States. Moreover, Trump endangered national security and broke people’s families. He sabotaged the census, used power for personal gain, attacked elections and tried to stifle democracy. Call on the US Department of Justice to thoroughly investigate the Trump administration’s crimes after Bi took power.

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Capitol Hill News report screenshot

< p> Pascorell’s proposal to liquidate Trump was called a”blockbuster political bomb” by the American media. Although Trump is in the White House at this moment, he may have been violent after hearing such appeals and accusations, and then shivered.

Pascorell’s remarks can be regarded as the strongest attitude of the Democrats since Biden announced his victory.

Obviously, Pascorell represents the position of many Democrats. Just before this, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and an important representative of the Democratic PartyPelosi once said that he would send Trump to prison. Therefore, Pascorell’s proposal to liquidate Trump is definitely not a family statement, nor is it groundless.

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Although in In the political history of the United States, there has never been a precedent of a former president being prosecuted by the new government for”criminal”. But not does not rule out that it will not happen in the future, especially for people like Trump, it is destined to create a precedent. Four years of his presidency has offended too many interest groups for Trump. Trump himself said that if he loses the election he will flee the United States, which shows that he has smelled danger.

American society has now been severely torn apart. Trump has a group of extremely loyal supporters who can hold hundreds of protest marches for his re-election, but there are also the same group of people who have long wanted to It was put to death. Besides, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have fallen into an unprecedented state of hostility because of this election.

After Biden takes office on January 20 next year, Trump will lose the federal criminal prosecution immunity granted to the current president by U.S. law. This also means that U.S. prosecutors will be conditionally reopened against Trump at that time. Investigation of violations.

But before that, Trump had a yellow robe and he was still safe.

According to Trump’s character, he will never sit still and be at the mercy of others. He must use this transitional period that also has immunity from criminal proceedings to make foolproof plans for himself in the future.

In fact, the best way is to continue to serve as President, so no one dares to attack him. Trump still has the political illusion of obtaining re-election through extreme means. Since the dismissal of the US Secretary of Defense and other Pentagon officials a few days ago. Trump also announced the firing of Krebs, the director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security.

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Whether Trump is preparing for the coup, this is very Hard to say. But it is clear that Trump will inevitably do some extreme things to prevent Biden from taking over power smoothly before leaving office.

According to the domestic media citing the US”New York Times report, Trump at the White House roundtable meeting It is proposed to launch a military strike against Iran’s main nuclear base in the next few weeks. After this report was published, it caused an uproar across the United States and scared the whole world into a cold sweat.

Trump had previously ordered an attack on Iran, but he was persuaded by people around him before the launch, and then he withdrew the order in time.

This time too, Trump’s proposal was met by US Vice President Pence and US Secretary of State Pompeo , The opposition of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milli. The outcome of the meeting will inevitably make Trump very angry. If a war against Iran has not started, the road to Trump’s re-election will be even more slim.

Trump’s heart is too eager to resolve through war The problem is, Trump fired the former US Secretary of Defense Esper because Esper, as the highest military officer in the United States, always disagrees with Trump’s war on Iran, and Esper also opposed Trump. The use of the military to suppress the protesters in the United States made Trump furious and fired directly, replacing him with a more obedient one.

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This time the proposal for a military operation against Iran, the US agent The Secretary of Defense, Miller, did not directly express his opposition. This is a very dangerous signal.

Now the Democratic Party’s Pascorell has taken the lead in demanding Trump’s liquidation, which is tantamount to pushing Trump’s rush to jump the wall. Once Trump takes the risk, not only the United States and Iran, but the entire world will be a disaster. The new crown epidemic has put the world at risk and panic. At this time, Trump has another war, which really messed up the whole world.

The spokesperson of the Iranian government launched a severe bombardment against Trump’s proposal to launch a military strike against Iran’s main nuclear facilities, publicly stating that once the United States launches a military strike against Iran, Iran will definitely respond with the strongest response. , Causing the United States to suffer a devastating blow. At the same time, the US Embassy in Iraq was hit by rockets, one of which was only 600 meters away from the US Embassy. This is almost Iran’s warning to the United States.

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An unscrupulous madman Trump for re-election plus tit-for-tat Iran may really be only one step away from war. Trump has become the most dangerous person in the world, and this is the president of the United States democratically elected.