Trump’s personal assets have evaporated by $2 billion in four years, which may have nothing to do with being president

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According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 16th, in 2016, the billionaire Trump was elected president of the United States, but was in office for four years In time, his ranking on the”Forbes” list of the 400 richest Americans dropped 183 places to 339th. According to reports, Trump’s net assets are expected to plummet from US$4.5 billion in March 2016 to US$2.5 billion in 2020.

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However, this billionaire’s decline in value may not be due to his presidency, because Trump’s past Many things done in the past four years were paid by American taxpayers. For example, the cost of transportation and other aspects is about 350 million US dollars per year. At the same time, it is estimated that in order to maintain a sufficient level of security in the White House and Trump’s many private residences (such as Sea Lake Manor), an additional 41 million US dollars will be needed each year. expenditure.

According to Forbes magazine, Trump’s wealth fell from US$3.7 billion at the end of 2016 to US$3.1 billion in 2017, and pointed out the retail and office real estate market in New York City during this time. Weak”, and Trump has a lot of assets in these two areas.

In addition, the magazine pointed out that the new crown virus pandemic is the main reason for Trump’s 2020 wealth shrinking. The main source of Trump’s wealth is his many hotels, office buildings, and golf courses. With the implementation of the epidemic lockdown measures, people working from home, and some businesses closing under the pressure of the epidemic, these places have suffered huge losses.

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Is it liquidated? Will go bankrupt? Or continue to have great political power? ——Several possibilities after Trump resigns

According to a Reuters report on the 8th, Trump may face a large number of legal proceedings and criminal proceedings after losing the immunity of the incumbent president in January next year. Investigation, which involved hush fee, tax fraud, sexual assault and slander, etc. Some analysts believe that due to Trump’s massive destruction of American political tacit understanding during his tenure, he may not escape”political liquidation” after he leaves office.

However, Shen Yi, a professor of international politics at Fudan University, said in an interview with a reporter from”Global Times, In the political tradition of the United States, there is generally a political tacit understanding of”not resolving the previous president.” He believes that from Trump’s point of view, the best way is to use his nearly 70 million votes and peaceful handover as a bargaining chip in the 70 days of the transfer of power in the future, in exchange for not”political liquidation” with the other party. Transactions.

From the perspective of Biden, Shen Yi believes that Biden does not want to be the second feature. Lampe, a person who says that”being the president of all Americans, whether you support or oppose me”, must be relatively moderate politically, and there is a high probability that he will not go to extremes. Trump has such a big”iron” “Political liquidation” was conducted against the background of the support of “pan”.

But analysts pointed out that the independent criminal charges in New York State and New York City faced by Trump are not at the federal level and cannot be pardoned by the president. In addition, he may also face huge fines from the U.S. Revenue Service, and may face the risk of bankruptcy, becoming the most”downturned” president in U.S. history.

“However, as long as he does not go to jail, Trump may continue to try to occupy the focus of public opinion and the political arena.” Mrs. Sun and the Global Times analyzed that Trump’s role in the US political arena “”Farce” may not necessarily end within a month or two. Trump, who has a lot of solid”basics”, may still have”political energy” that cannot be underestimated.

“Trump may package himself as the so-called’Republican leader’. In the future, he may Lake Manor serves as the’Southern White House’ to direct supporters’ rallies and protests.” Sun Taiyi believes that by then, the Republican Party may face a dilemma or even a split.

In fact, as early as October this year, the National Broadcasting Corporation warned that Trump’s defeat might bring about the”division” of the Republican Party:If Trump cannot be re-elected, the Republican Party is bound to face In a huge debate, some Republicans may continue to follow Trump’s path of relying on populism to rise, while other traditional Republicans hope to embrace Wall Street and large multinational corporations again.

Perhaps the”farce” being staged in the U.S. election will damage the U.S. political ecology even more far-reachingly:The observer of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe who came to the U.S. to monitor the election pointed out that Trump, as the current president, Unfounded accusations of election fraud on various important occasions and even spreading conspiracy theories will undermine the American public’s trust in the country’s entire democratic system.

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