U.S. media:U.S. Navy has another warship with new crown epidemic

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Source:China News Network

China News Service, November 21, according to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on the 20th, citing unnamed naval officials as saying that the US Navy”Michael Murphy” Nearly a quarter of the crew of the guided missile destroyer tested positive for the new crown virus.

According to NBC reports, two U.S. military officials and a defense official said that the new crown had broken out among the crew of the USS Pacific Fleet guided-missile destroyer”USS Michael Murphy” The pneumonia epidemic caused most of the crew to leave the team and go ashore, and the training plan was also delayed.

These officials said that nearly a quarter of the approximately 300 crew members on board tested positive for COVID-19. Those who tested positive have been put on shore for isolation and no one has been hospitalized.

Although many naval ships, especially those docked in ports, have also found a small number of new crown cases among the crew, officials admit that the proportion of new crown positive cases on the”Michael Murphy” warship Higher than other ships.

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On May 21, local time, the American aircraft carrier”Roosevelt” appeared on the horizon of Agat Bay. According to reports, the US Navy announced that the aircraft carrier”Roosevelt” went to sea for the first time on May 20 after docking in Guam due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia.

In March of this year, the U.S. Navy’s”Theodore Roosevelt” aircraft carrier broke out with a new crown epidemic. The latest data published in the New England Journal of Medicine on November 11 show that during the outbreak in March, nearly 27%of the 5,000 people on the aircraft carrier tested positive.

The data also showed that among the 1271 people who tested positive, nearly 77%had no symptoms at the time of the test, and 45%had no symptoms during the illness. Approximately 2%were hospitalized, 0.3%were in intensive care, and one sailor died.