up to date! UFC China’s evaluation of Fu Gaofeng’s cross-border MMA is not easy

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On November 29th, Beijing time, UFC Chinese power Sumu Darki will fight another octagonal cage. His opponent is from Canada Malcolm Gordon.

Sumu, nicknamed”Tibetan Eagle” Dalkey is a rising star that has gradually emerged in the UFC in recent years. He was born in Sanda. With his flexible pace and excellent side kick technique, he has been appreciated by many fans.

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Currently , Sumu Darki is preparing for war. Recently, he was also interviewed in a useful way. Speaking of the latest battle, Sumu Darki said that he would play his role well in the competitionStanding< span style=”color:5D5D5D; –tt-darkmode-color:5D5D5D;”>advantages, and at the same time, his next goal is to challenge the top 15 fighters. Earlier, when Fu Gaofeng transitioned to MMA, Sumudarji left a comment under the relevant content of the competition.

In the interview, Sumu Darki also dealt with the peak cross-border MMA In my own evaluation, I think this is not an easy task. He said:”Fu Gaofeng is a senior, and his standing skills are better, but MMA’s skills are more comprehensive. It takes a long time to train ground skills such as wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu, and requires high comprehensive capabilities, so it is not very good.” /span>

Sumdarki made its UFC debut in November 2018, but another Regrettably, he lost to his opponent in that battle. After that, Sumu Darki went overseas to improve his skills and practice with great concentration. On August 31, 2019, Sumu Darki made a comeback and once again boarded the UFC octagonal cage.

In that game, this Tibetan guy used a variety of superb techniques to Controlling the situation of the game, he finally proved himself with an overwhelming victory and successfully won the first UFC victory! Sumudar should basically appear in the UFC Brazil race on March 15 this year, but he failed to play due to the impact of the epidemic.

Sumdarki’s latest opponent Malcolm Gordon is 30 years old this year , He started his professional MMA career in 2012 and has won the flyweight (57 kg) championship in four events of TKO, WXC, PMMA, and HFC. He is very strong. In the face of such a powerful enemy, can Sumu Darki get another victory?