US media:A senior Pentagon official was diagnosed with the new crown and had previously met with the acting secretary of defense

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Source:World Wide Web

[Global Web reported trainee reporter Hou Yaling] According to news from the”Capitol Hill” on the 19th, the US Department of Defense announced on the same day that Pentagon official Anthony Tata (Anthony Tata) tested positive for the new coronavirus. It is worth mentioning that Tata had met with a number of Defense Ministry officials before the diagnosis, including Acting Defense Secretary Miller.

According to reports, Tata met with a number of senior defense officials this week, including Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Miller and Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist. However, it is not clear when he last reported to senior officials.

Reported that Tata will be quarantined for the next 14 days. A Pentagon spokesperson declined to comment. Tata recently served as the acting deputy minister of national defense policy.