Use AI to cheat! South Korea’s 13-year-old Go female player sentenced to one year suspension

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On November 20, Beijing time, according to Yonhap News Agency, the Korean Chess Academy convened a disciplinary committee to impose a disciplinary sanction of”a year of suspension of qualifications” for Kim Eun who violated the”Internal Regulations on Owned Chess Players” and”Professional Chess Players Ethical Regulations”. Jin Eunchi expressed his approval of the punishment and admitted that he used AI (artificial intelligence) to cheat in the duel, indicating that he had begun to reflect.

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13 years old this year Kim Eun-chi is the youngest active player in Korea. She entered the professional league at the age of 12 years and 8 months and is known as a genius Go girl. However, with a bright future, she used AI to cheat in an online game on September 29 this year.

In the top 24 of the online game”ORO National Game”, Kim Eun-chi defeated the top Korean player Lee Young-gou in the 9th dan. After the other side of the game raised the possibility of Kim Eun-chi using AI, the Korean Chess Academy and the Korea National Team invited AI experts to study and analyze Related chess records, it is found that Jin Enchi’s chess records are almost the same as those judged and analyzed by artificial intelligence.

Afterwards, Kim Eun-chi also admitted to the Korean Chess Academy and the Korean national team coaching team the fact of using AI.

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November 3 On Japan, the Korean Chess Academy organized the first truth investigation committee. On November 17, the investigation phase of the incident was concluded through the second truth investigation committee.

The Disciplinary Committee finally found that Jin Eunji violated many clauses, but the result of the punishment has been a minor to Jin Eunji, and I have admitted the error and deeply reflected The part of the game was considered, so she was dealt with lightly, and she was banned for one year. Since Jin Enchi is a minor, her mother attended the investigation meeting and publicly apologized at the meeting.


p style=”text-align:justify”>On the same day, in the operating committee held together with the disciplinary committee, a new “prohibition of the use of AI” was established in the “Internal Regulations for Owned Chess Players”. According to the regulations, if someone violates this regulation, they will be punished with a disciplinary measure of”suspension of qualification” for three years or delisting. For those who cannot be implemented immediately or believe that the professional chess player should not participate in the game, the Disciplinary Committee may impose an “emergency sanction” that temporarily suspends the qualification for the game for 30 days.