Want to stay in the White House? Obama moves to deal with Trump:send the SEALs to dig him out

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According to a report by Reference News on November 21, the former US President Obama talked about relevant issues in an interview with US media. The topic of the transfer of power to the US federal government. The host asked Obama if the current president Trump is not willing to hand over powers as scheduled,”Lai” should not leave the White House. How to deal with it, Obama came up with a cruel move without thinking.

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Method It has been proven effective

The doubt that Trump might not hand over power smoothly has long been permeated in American politics. When the host asked Obama about this matter, he laughed and said that the US Navy SEALs should be sent to dig out Trump.

In 2011, it was Obama, who was still the President of the United States, who sent the US Navy SEALs and successfully killed bin Laden, an extremist organization figure. Therefore, using the SEALs to drive away Trump, Obama has already used it on others.

In an interview, Obama also said that the current epidemic crisis facing the United States is so serious that the government wasted a lot of precious time. Before he took office, he and the then president Bush successfully completed the transfer of power, but now Trump has been refusing to do span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”3351940″>Biden communicates with the team and does not proceed with the normal transfer of power.

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special Trump may indeed do this.

Previously, in an interview with US media, Trump himself gave an ambiguous answer as to whether he would achieve a smooth transition of power once he failed his re-election. At that time, Trump told the US media that if this happens, he needs to take a closer look and will not accept the result, but this does not mean that he will not accept it in the end. After all, during the 2016 election, I have never made such a promise.

It’s Trump’s seemingly inadequate answer to make the U.S. political arena, especially those who oppose Trump’s continued governance.The United States Democratic Party is anxious. In addition to Obama, a number of heavyweights in the party also prepared for the worst in advance.

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No There is no way to get rid of Trump.

The Speaker of the House of RepresentativesPelosi’s earlier suggestions Yes, if Trump loses the election and”Lai” stays in the White House, he will be”smoked out” with cigarettes. Pelosi pointed out at the time that whether it is from the support of voters or from the perspective of the US constitutional system, Trump will have to resign from the presidency in January 2021, regardless of whether he will accept the result by then. .

And Trump’s competitor in this year’s general election, US Vice President Biden during the Obama administration said that he had indeed thought about the possibility that Trump would not leave the White House. , But four chiefs of staff have clearly stated that they oppose Trump. Of course, the U.S. military will expel him from the White House quickly and effectively.

Compared with Pelosi’s”smoke” and Biden’s”to let the military drive”, Obama’s method of driving away Trump is even further, and this trick is also more effective Operable.