What is space?

By yqqlm yqqlm

Why does the bomb explode have a certain explosion range? Because of air resistance. If it explodes in a vacuum, because there is no resistance, the exploded particles will spread infinitely around and move in a straight line at a uniform speed. Similarly, the universe Big Bang relies on the energy already in the universe to expand space. If there is space outside the universe, the universe will follow the Singularity The initial velocity of the Big Bang (which will be ten thousand times the speed of light, billion times the speed of light, unimaginable) spreads, not the current situation. What is space? Space is an objective reality that is inseparable from matter. Without matter, space ceases to exist. If there is space outside the universe, it means that matter exists outside the universe, and that matter exists, which means that it is still an integral part of the universe.

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