Who defines the standard of beauty?

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As a woman, do you have a time of anxious?

At 12 noon on November 17, Zhao Wei initiated the production of”Hear Her Say”, which was launched on Tencent Video. The show is the first female monologue in China.

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This program Focus on the survival pain points of contemporary women, such as native families, patriarchal preference, facial anxiety, older singles, full-time housewives, domestic violence, middle-aged crisis, and materialized women, and give the society the truest voice of women.

Zhao Wei patiently prepared the play”I heard her say” for more than two years. In her mind, the use of monologues to present women’s inner voices can focus more purely on women’s expressions.

There are 8 episodes of the show. In the first episode of”Magic Mirror”, the actress Qi Xi plays a woman with anxious looks.

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No. 1 The theme of the period”Magic Mirror” really hit the”pain points” from the very beginning, and successfully brought the female audience into contemplation and aroused empathy in one sentence. Women’s looks are anxious-is it a beautiful girl who is confident, or a confident girl who is beautiful?

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《Magic The story line of”Mirror” is also presented very complete, the overall rhythm is fast and slow, in line with the emotional advancement of the heroine Qi Xi. From the beginning of the Internet celebrity to indulge in self-portrait, to the description of inner anxiety and make-up remover scenes that make people get goose bumps.

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Next The bathroom questioned the scenes. From the vain and joy at the beginning, to the low and perplexed when removing makeup, to the anger and struggle when complaining of aesthetic standards, Qi Xi completed three changes of mood in three scenes. Just like”Qixi”, facial anxiety and body anxiety are almost every woman’s problem now.

Don’t talk about ordinary girls, even the”perfect” female stars in our eyes are inevitably criticized, discussed, and defined. There will never be fewer topics around women, and even more female stars. The public is either staring at their beauty or their fatness. If you are fat, you will be told, if you have thick makeup, you will be told you will be told if you are tanned.

In the summer, Jike Junyi went to Sanya to record the show. After returning, he again caused a lot of discussion because of his skin color.

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Because of this Several color numbers have appeared darker than before. In Jike Junyi’s own words, they are”smeared.” The airport street shot is like this.

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Other people’s tanning is a different style. Netizens ridiculed her as”change of nationality”. Netizens ridiculed her that she must be good friends with Louis Koo. Ji Kejunyi himself also directly posted a”warning” on Weibo:”I went to Sanya to record the show. I know it is already whitening after the sun has been burned. It will be annoying to talk about it.”

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Mentioned”whitening”, although I know that Jike Junyi said To return to the meaning of the previous wheat-colored skin, someone still came out very intimately to”protest”. Liu Wei commented on her:”Whitening is not allowed! You are unique.”

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The comments in the comment area are also very heartwarming, and there is no quarrel. Whether black is more beautiful, or white is more beautiful, but your confidence is the most beautiful.

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2012 , The dark-skinned Jike Junyi was judged by some people as weird or even ugly, but a proud girl knew her beauty. She knew that what was wrong with her heart was not her skin color, but some people’s vision,”It’s you Look my way is wrong”.

Jike Junyi in the daily small video laughed wantonly and openly. The self-confidence exuded from the bones can’t be exchanged for many whitening shots. .

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Black skin She is wild and bold in beauty and unique in beauty. Even the pet cat has to go wild with her, the leopard cat and the sexy and confident female singer, the hot girl strikes out.

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and Another”unique girl” is also a cool girl from”Creation 101″ who is often focused on by the public, Wang Ju.

Since the beginning of her participation in the draft, the bad reviews have not stopped. There are not a few people who say that she is”too dark”,”too fat”,”too ugly” and”not enough for a girl group”. Just because she is not”white and thin” in the eyes of the public, will she encounter these malicious evaluations?

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At the time” In the first performance stage of”Creation 101″, Wang Ju’s actions were taken by many netizens as”spoof” memes. It is also accompanied by the text”The hell is empty, Wang Ju is in the land”. Although it is not a direct verbal attack, it cannot be said that there is no malice.

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But Wang Ju didn’t care about these, these evaluations did not hurt her, but made her heart stronger.

In the face of the bad reviews, Wang Ju did not deny herself, she still put the”ambition” she wanted most on her face in every competition.

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In the” In an interview with”Creation 101″, Wang Ju seriously expressed his attitude:to be an independent, capable, caring, and elegant woman.

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Some people say Is she not suitable for a girl group? OK, then she redefines the standards of the women’s team for everyone to see, she also succeeded. Now Wang Ju is cool and sassy, ​​confident and beautiful in the eyes of many people.

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Even debut Li Yuchun, who has been around for 15 years, has also experienced unimaginable cyber violence. You must know that at that time, most people were not accustomed to neutral wind. To put it bluntly, it was”non-mainstream.” Many people said that she didn’t look like a girl should have, and spoke harshly to her. But these people actually don’t know the real her at all, nor the real woman.

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Before On the group night of”Youth with You 2, Li Yuchun, as a blockbuster guest, sang her original work”” with hundreds of trainees.”For Girls” instantly became the climax of the audience, and the trainees and the audience burst into tears.

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When Li Yuchun When asked what he had to say to the girls, Li Yuchun said that the lyrics of this song were what she wanted to tell the girls most as a senior.

“Please believe that you are a very beautiful existence, do not doubt that this is the unique color of the universe.”

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Before Chunchun was asked”Do you think the beauty of women”What should it be like”, she said:”The beauty of women should not be defined, because everyone is a unique individual with different personalities, different styles, and different values. I think it needs to be more diverse. To appreciate beauty.”

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The”female beauty” defined by the world is rigid. For example, if girls are not white, they are not good-looking, they are not beautiful, and they are not standard enough. In fact, many people with dark skin, especially girls, have experienced inferiority caused by skin color. The origin of this inferiority complex mostly starts with the nicknames given to them by the people around them. These deliberate or unintentional jokes gradually make the girls feel that”black” is not beautiful, and the seeds of inferiority due to black skin are planted here. .

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This society The definition of”beauty” is becoming more and more malformed, and more and more unification of”white, young and thin” is sought. But the true”beauty” should be diversified and should not be defined.

Every woman should recognize her imperfection in her heart. After all, perfection is a particularly pale and feeble thing, and people who live lively and passionately live independently are unique. The unique soul will be attracted and recognized even more.

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Today’s society Everyone is more or less stressed, and as a woman grows up, she will question or doubt herself every minute. But we must always believe in ourselves, and sometimes we must recognize some of our shortcomings. In fact, sometimes the shortcomings you think of yourself are your lovely bonus points in the eyes of others. Wise people are both beautiful and confident, and they are willing to believe that confidence will make themselves sparkle.

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It’s time Escaped from the female-only aesthetic cage created by others. We must know how to appreciate ourselves, even if it is contrary to the eyes of others, we must insist on being ourselves; and then to discover the beauty of others, even if the aesthetic standards are different, we can still appreciate and respect each other.

Everyone can beautify themselves, if you feel that you are not good enough, not perfect enough, it doesn’t matter, start over, you must be the most beautiful one .


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