WHO launches”Integrated Health Antimicrobial Resistance Global Leaders Group” to combat the antimicrobial resistance crisis

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On the 20th local time, WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Organization for Animal Health jointly launched the”Integrated Health Antimicrobial Medicine” The Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance, whose members include heads of state, government ministers, private sector and civil society leaders, will promote comprehensive emergency actions to address the issue of antimicrobial resistance and ensure the supply of important drugs in the future.

The rapid increase in antimicrobial resistance is one of the most urgent threats to human, animal, plant and environmental health in the world. It endangers food safety, international trade and economic development, and hinders the realization of Progress on sustainable development goals. Antimicrobial resistance also leads to an increase in medical costs, hospitalization rates, treatment failure rates, serious illnesses and deaths. Antimicrobial resistance has increased the difficulty of treating many infections around the world. The WHO report shows that effective treatments for some common infections are gradually losing their effectiveness.

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WHO Director-General Tan Desai said that antimicrobial drug resistance is one of the biggest health challenges facing the current era. Although not as urgent as the new coronary pneumonia pandemic, it is equally dangerous. It has the potential to undermine medical advancements over a century and make us unable to resist infections that can be easily treated today. We cannot leave it to future generations to solve. It is time to establish new cross-departmental partnerships, maintain existing drugs, and revitalize new drug development and supply.

According to the plan, the”Integrated Health Antimicrobial Resistance Global Leaders Group” will promote the adoption of best practices at the global, regional and national levels to address the issue of antimicrobial resistance. At the same time, it will recommend and promote the formulation and implementation of policies and regulations on the import, manufacture, distribution and use of high-quality antimicrobial drugs in various fields. (Headquarters reporter Zhu He)