Why is Xiao Zhan looking young?

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I saw a lot of photos of Xiao Zhan in a daze, shaking his head over and over again:”Why does he look so young…”

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Why do you feel that time is in favor of him?

But after seeing the pictures of him teasing children, I am deeply convinced:Xiao Zhan should look like this, he is only three years old!

If you think about it carefully, the appearance of a person is inseparable from the mood. His childlike innocence is not yet hesitated, his kindness and generosity, his compassion… No need to deliberately maintain, his clean and calm mood fascinated time, so time slowly slowed down The pace, can’t bear to disturb him.

Daily believes that young people have the following characteristics:

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1. Wide and peace of mind

I met an old aunt in a daze, over 90 years old, still Walking like flying, I can hardly catch up with her. Her appearance, she looked like she was 50 or 60 years old.

One time, my grandma chatted with her:”Why haven’t I seen you angry?” She smiled:”I’m heartless!” Her eldest daughter also said:”My mother never Fierce against us.” The aunt said unhurriedly:”You are all very good, why do you fierce?”

Stayed in her soft voice, her impatient heart calmed down.

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Xiao Zhan is also like this, he was criticized once” Too Wen Tun has no temper”, as everyone knows, this is his wisdom in life. Xiao Zhan also has the power to stabilize people. More than one colleague who has worked with him has said that he is”the backbone of the team.”

The time when he sang”The Brightest Star in the Night Sky”, I remember so far.

Xiao Zhan stood there, just singing his songs joyfully, in the mountains and rivers of his voice, I walked into the peach blossom field in his heart, stable, satisfied, simple, natural, Unforgettable. The world is rough, but he is white as snow. About that stage, I can write ten short essays and it is not enough.

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two , A calm mind makes everything clean

Many people fall in love with Xiao Zhan’s smile. He smiled, as if the spring breeze swept through the world, as if the flowers were blooming and the swallows were busy, as if the warm sun was coming, as if we, ourselves, have forgotten sincerely.

I have also countless times, greedy him with a calm smile.

When he first debuted, his quiet temperament was not as ready to appear now. After nearly nine months of polishing, he has the taste of autumn:innocence has passed, warm and fearless, he has passed thousands of knives and thousands of swords, he is still honest, but more tenacious and lighter, in a misty rain, contentedly Forward.

He has a quiet heart. In his lonely self-traveling, the splendor of life bloomed, and he insisted on guarding what he identified as”truth, goodness and beauty”, and returning home in a clean snowy night. people.

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three , Compassion is the cultivation of human feelings

His heart of compassion may not be suitable for the magical entertainment circle, but it is precisely because of his insistence on his original heart and low-key tolerance that he has attracted many people who did not follow stars, and even show stars. Biased adults.

And he worked steadily, persuading fans to study and go to college, take the lead in doing charity, and use idol’s traffic to positive energy. He doesn’t dispute anything else, like Regular script with square and regular rules, the mountains and rivers are quiet, the water and the sky are wide.

In fact, he also has a ambition to win:”I can do what others can do”; but he also knows that:”I want to win, but I don’t want others to lose.” So he cultivated himself calmly, only competing with himself, trying to make every day better than the previous day, without any chance or intrigue, sincere and pure.

Don’t be public, and regard the stage as a daily life, but let us not forget it.

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four , Good people mean youthful looks

How kind is Xiao Zhan? Fans can cite one, two, three, or four, so I won’t list them one by one.

Many people who have been with him say that he is”kind.”

Don’t talk about the rules of getting along in the adult world, don’t talk about his low-key charity, and don’t talk about his kindness to friends and fans. Watching his interactions with the children on the set can tell that the children’s likes and dislikes are undisguised, and their distinctions between good and evil are straightforward.

Fans once worried that Xiao Zhan would lose his innocent smile. Fortunately, the little boy in his heart has never left.

His kindness, mixed with the smoke and flames of the world, he reconciled with time early, not stalking with the past, cold and warm knowing that he heard thunder and received cause.

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I heard that maintaining a kind, compassionate heart is the right way to keep healthy.

The ninety-year-old aunt I mentioned above happily appeared in front of everyone every day, and she did not know how she was asked about health maintenance. However, those who are interested, look at her and understand.

Health, but nourish the heart.

We love an idol, and we are not superficially looking at only handsome appearance. Heroes and beauties are not worthy of a white head, but a sincere and compassionate heart has grown thicker and more mellow over the years, making people repeatedly intoxicated.

Only people with certain life experience can understand Xiao Zhan well. Today, he is as plain and plain as a white robe, he has no intention of struggling for anything. He is calm and comfortable, with a thick temperature and simple light. In time and mercilessly, he can find his heart and moon.

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