Will Trump’s re-election failure encounter political liquidation? Look at Hillary

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From the current situation, Trump‘s re-election failure is a foregone conclusion. Although Trump has never admitted that he has lost, public opinion basically believes that Biden has won. So the question is, will Trump encounter political liquidation after he leaves the White House?

Let’s take a look at the 2016 election and Trump’s slogan at that time.

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< p style=”text-align:justify”>In the 2016 U.S. election, Trump’s slogan was”Make America Great Again” (MAGA), but this slogan was not the most famous at the time, the most famous was”Take her Lock it up!” This”she” is naturally the opponent Hillary. Clinton.

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Trump attacked Hillary Clinton’s”Mail Gate” more than once, and returned Said that after he was elected, he would allow US prosecutors to investigate. Hillary Clinton also said that if Hillary escaped prosecution, it would be an injustice of justice.

Before polling day, Trump said at a campaign rally in a swing state that Hillary Will be subject to a long-term investigation, because she has committed many crimes that threaten the security and democracy of the United States, and will eventually be tried.

Trump’s words were very lifelike at the time, and a group of media also contributed to it. This has left many people with the mentality of watching the show and want to see how Trump throws Hillary into jail and”tears” his opponent.

After winning the general election, Trump said on November 22 that no Will continue to investigate”Mail Gate“.

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Even though the follow-up investigation results were released, Hillary Clinton was not affected, even after the election this year , She also reported a comeback.

Then turn the topic to Trump, will he face political liquidation after leaving the White House? ? Probably not.

Clinton, who was a presidential candidate at the time, was safe, and Trump, who was president for 4 years The possibility of being liquidated is also very slim. After all, he entered the White House, not the Blue House (Korea Presidential Palace).

First, if we analyze the history of the United States, we will find that the United States has never The president has conducted political liquidation. Even the presidents who were caught and impeached during their tenures left the White House safely. The representative is Hillary’s husband Clinton. In addition, Nixon, who was forced to resign because of the Watergate Incident, did not encounter liquidation. The two belonged to different parties, and in the end they were all safe. From this situation, it can also be understood why Trump let Hillary a horse. As a veteran establishment politician, Biden naturally understands this truth.

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Secondly, judging from the situation of this US election, although Trump’s election is unfavorable, He also got more than 70 million votes, which are all his political foundations. If Biden initiates a liquidation against Trump after he comes to power, let alone the Republican comeback and liquidate Biden, according to the current division of American society In the situation, it may really be a civil war.

Moreover, even if Biden disregards the above situation and insists on liquidating Trump, neither Possibly, because the Republican Party is still on Trump’s side. Currently, only Willard Mitt Romney is the Republican senator publicly opposed to Trump. This person was a Republican presidential candidate and was defeated by Obama. He is also a big-time figure within the Republican Party. But even he did not publicly”reverse” when Trump failed completely. On the side of the House of Representatives, those who oppose Trump lost their seats in this year’s congressional election, which means that Trump can say that there are no opponents in the Congressional Republican Party. Among the governors of the Republican Party, most people also stand with Trump. These people are elected by voters, not directly appointed by the president, which directly reflects the public opinion of Republican voters.

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Therefore, even if the Republican establishment does not like Trump, they dare not divide it with him. Because Trump is still the biggest backing of the Republican Party, this is the meaning of more than 70 million votes.

And there is news that Trump may continue to play if he loses in this year’s election. In 2024. With his current public opinion, there is no opponent within the Republican Party.


p style=”text-align:justify”>Even after Biden officially took office, it is difficult to change Trump’s policies. Trump’s supporters would regard his actions as political persecution and strongly opposed it. And the top Republicans dare not to cooperate openly with Biden, which may be regarded as a”traitor” by voters in the party, thus losing their party status.

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