Winter Olympics 5G+8K Broadcasting Summit Forum Held in Beijing

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 21. The Winter Olympics 5G+8K Broadcasting Summit Forum with the theme of”Post-epidemic Era Sports Broadcasting, New Audiovisual Formats Empowering Imagination” was held in Beijing on the 21st. This forum invited guests from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Beijing Radio and Television Station and other industry guests to share and discuss.

The forum is divided into two parts:guest keynote speech and round table dialogue. The forum was first opened by State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Xu Jiaqi, Director of the Science and Technology Department, and Xu Jicheng, Director of the Media Operations Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. Xu Jiaqi mentioned in his speech that new technologies will bring huge industrial opportunities for the dissemination of the Winter Olympics. Xu Jicheng, who has reported and organized many large-scale international events, reviewed the changes in the era of interviews and mentioned that”the digital age has changed the form of event broadcasting, but it has not changed the essence of event propagation. The final response to sports event communication is emotional. Interaction and motivation”.

Subsequently, the guests at the conference focused on the strong connection between 5G+8K and the Winter Olympics, and explained from the perspectives of the development trend of international broadcasting, the new pattern of the market environment, the innovation of technological means empowering content, and the promotion of sponsor value In view of the powerful combination of the Winter Olympics and the new audio-visual environment, further interpret the all-round promotion of the Winter Olympics in the new audio-visual environment, the leap and qualitative changes of 5G and 8K technology, and discuss the promotion and theme creation of the Winter Olympics to ensure service for 2022 The Winter Olympics and the Winter Parallel Olympics lay the foundation.

In the roundtable session, Jiao Shaobo, director of the Sports Program Center of Beijing Radio and Television, Cui Tao, chairman of Beijing International Cloud Broadcasting Technology Co., Ltd., and Gao Bo, director of the Broadcast Coordination Office of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, reported from sports events The content creation angle of Rongmedia and the technical angle of 5G cloud broadcasting to help Rongmedia’s development talked freely about how the combination of content and technology can promote”the huge industrial opportunities brought by audiovisual technology to the Winter Olympics.”

This forum is hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television, organized by the Academy of Radio and Television Science of the State Administration of Radio and Television, and co-organized by Beijing Mankun Times Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (End)