Winter’s love for everything

By yqqlm yqqlm

Juhui (Original)

Urumqi finally ushered in a long-lost heavy snow, announcing the coming of winter! Beautiful winter, white snow, cold winter, fresh wind, dazzling winter, warm sunshine!

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I like winter, like the snow in the sky, like winter, not because of its beauty, but because of its crystal clear flawlessness, season Reincarnation, winter snow is short-lived, it is always reluctant to give up, like winter, not because it is white, but to feel its softness and perfection! The cold brought by winter is everywhere. The northwest wind blows, making people feel bitter. The bare trees stand pitifully on both sides of the road. The once vigorous grass finally can’t support it, and it withered and turned yellow. Dreamland!

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In the early winter, like a beautiful, noble and reserved princess, dancing her magical veil, sending waves The cold wind! I like winter because I know that as long as winter comes, spring is not far away. If you hold on when it’s cold, you can see winter jasmine flowers! The sun in winter can give the warmth that is most needed in the season. I like the warm sun in winter to make people feel warm and considerate!

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The earth is silvery white and clean, while the snowflakes are still like catkins, like cotton, like goose feathers floating from the sky, spreading over the earth, Gently and silently, the earth was covered with a layer of quilt, and it was like a thin gauze flying in the wind!

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Winter is so quiet! Respite the rushing rivers and rest the endless grasslands. This is how nature loves everything…

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Like winter! Love Dongxue! I like the dignity of clean silver…

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