With an AFC victory, Cui Kangxi led Shenhua to pass the”World Cup” addiction in advance

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The embarrassment of the 11-year AFC Champions League, Shenhua broke in Perth Glory last night. In the first group match, with the goals of Peng Xinli and Yu Hanchao in the first half, Shenhua hoped to capture the weakest group 2-1 Opponents, in the case of the main lineup is not complete, laid the first cornerstone for the group to qualify.

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Picture:Yu Hanchao (left) celebrating the goal of Xinhua News Agency

Cui Shuai bullies students

Compared with Ulsan Hyundai and FC Tokyo, Perth Glory is Shenhua’s weakest opponent in Group F. Because the club is in a financial crisis, the team’s main players have gone more than half, including striker general Zianese, midfielder Bremer, Juande, etc., and their strength has been greatly lost. Moreover, the Australian Super League is currently in the offseason, and the Perth team has not played for 3 months. Only 22 people came to Doha this time, 14 of them are under 23 years old. Many of them have just been promoted to the first team. For example, the starting wing guard Rollins is only 16 years old. Perth coach Garcia said, The pragmatic goal of the AFC Champions League team is to”train new players.”

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Illustration:Cui Kangxi brought Hanchao to the pre-match press conference< /p>

Because the league has just ended and many injuries, Shenhua faces a lot of difficulties in this expedition to the AFC. Before the game, Cui Kangxi revealed that Jin Xinyu and Moreno are still slightly injured, and there are not many players available for the offensive team. However, Cui Shuai’s starting lineup did not make people feel stretched. Zhu Jianrong and Gaudí, who returned on loan, took the lead, and the left back went on Wang Wei. Thanks to the strong support of the Chinese Football Association. After the league, these rented players were arranged to supplement registration, which solved Shenhua’s urgent need. Since the 2009 group stage victory over Suwon Samsung 2-1, in the last 16 AFC Champions League games, Shenhua has 9 draws and 7 losses, without a win. After 2006, the team has not advanced to the knockout rounds in the AFC Champions League. A glorious battle with Perth is Shenhua’s best chance to rewrite this embarrassing record.

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Caption:Shenhua’s pre-match poster

If you want to train newcomers, I will”deceive students.” Shenhua has done enough homework for the glorious Perth team, who is not qualified. At the beginning, Shenhua launched a fierce attack on the right side of the opponent’s weak defensive experience. On this side, Perth was the full back of the 16-year-old Australian football national youth teenager Rollins, and the midfielder Castro was already 38. Years old, the organization is known for weak defense. In the 6th minute, Yu Hanchao scored the goal after stealing in the opponent’s half. Zhu Jianrong from the side of the penalty zone made a low pass, and Peng Xinli who followed directly pushed the far corner to score. This is Shenhua’s first goal in the current AFC Champions League. Soon, Yu Hanchao made a breakthrough on this road again, scoring a low shot from a small angle in the penalty area. Shenhua leads 2 to 0.

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Picture:Shenhua’s first goal TP

Minimum cost

Later Cui Kangxi revealed that Shenhua’s play in this field was completely aimed at the opponent.”We also knew the news in advance (Perth gloriously most of the main players have left the team), but apart from a few new players, there are also a few old players on the front line. Their No. 9 and No. 17 are very good players. For these two The player’s focus on guarding is also one of the keys to victory today.” Indeed, Shenhua’s frontcourt pressurization made Perth very uncomfortable. The first goal lost came from the midfielder losing the ball.

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Picture:Shenhua’s second goal TP

Shenhua is holding two goals, but Cui Kangxi is not calm and sitting on the coach’s bench. During the process, Cui Shuai, who was wearing a mask, had been directing from the sidelines, and in the second half he reminded his disciples to concentrate with his hands clenched fists. After the lead, the Shenhua team did relax a bit. Before the end, Perth gloriously attacked the frontcourt. Defender Aspropotamidis followed up with a supplementary shot and broke Li Shuai’s ten fingers. As for Shenhua, Gaudí missed an opportunity to expand the score in front of goal. The score of 2 to 1 was maintained until the end, and Shenhua, who was aiming to qualify for the group, made a good start.

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Picture:Perth’s glorious goal map TP

What makes people even more happy is that for the first win last night, Shenhua paid only a small amount cost. Cui Kangxi played half of the main force, and the core players who came to Doha such as Moreno, Jin Xinyu, Cao Yunding, and Zeng Cheng continued to rest and recover from injuries. Bi Jinhao and Feng Xiaoting used the second half to retrieve the game form. As far as Shenhua is concerned, at the same time that the team got a good start, it is gratifying to save the strength, and the above-mentioned main force won more recovery time.

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Picture:Shenhua celebrates scoring Xinhua News Agency picture

In the next 15 days, Shenhua will need to complete the remaining 5 group matches, and the opponent will obviously Much more glorious than Perth. Ulsan Hyundai is the runner-up of the K-League, and FC Tokyo is currently ranked in the top four of the J-League.”The next schedule is also very urgent, so we have to do a rotation.” Cui Shuai explained to this,”Each opponent is very strong. We not only have to rotate, but also make arrangements for different opponents.” Yu Hanchao, who has extensive AFC experience at Evergrande, also said, “Every opponent in the AFC is very strong. Not only the last two games, but every opponent needs to respect and fight hard.” (Xinmin Evening News Chief Reporter Jin Lei)

Reporter’s Notes|Experiencing the World Cup in Advance

The Education City Stadium which opened the curtain of the AFC last night is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar One of the dedicated stadiums, the entire stadium is equipped with the most advanced air conditioning system. The glorious battle between Shenhua and Perth was scheduled at 1:00 pm Doha time. The local temperature was between 27 and 28 degrees Celsius, so the stadium turned on air conditioning to cool down the two teams.

For players, being able to play ahead of time in the Qatar World Cup is an added bonus to the current AFC Champions League. Now this benefit is also included in the air-conditioned courts. Some Shenhua players said that they are looking forward to the first match in an air-conditioned stadium. Players who have played in West Asia before did a comparison,”It was too hot to play here in the past. I heard that the stadium is air-conditioned this time, so I don’t worry about it.”

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Caption:Shenhua Official Weibo also specially sent fans to explore the camp venues

When the air conditioning system of the Education City Stadium is turned on, the temperature of the stadium can be reduced to 21 degrees Celsius. Playing at this temperature makes the players feel much more comfortable and is also conducive to performance. Last night, Shenhua captured Perth Glory at the lowest price of a semi-main lineup and won the first group stage victory.

There is an episode before the game. In order to protect the dedicated venue for the World Cup, the local AFC Organizing Committee in Doha did not arrange a step-by-step link. The notice that Shenhua received was:If you want to enter the field before the game, players can’t wear spikes and can only wear sports shoes. After the balance, the Shenhua team stayed in Al Egla Sports Center for training.

However, taking advantage of the pre-match press conference, Cui Kangxi took Yu Hanchao into the Education City Stadium to check the turf situation. Obviously, the quality of the turf of the World Cup is excellent. The stadium, which was completed in June this year, uses a mixed turf of natural grass and anchoring fibers, which is world-class in damage resistance and water permeability. After the match, at the request of a local reporter, Cui Kangxi compared the situation of the Jeonbuk Hyundai Main Stadium and the Education City Stadium, which were the venues for the World Cup in Japan and South Korea. The Shenhua coach said:Very well in place. For players, playing in such a venue is a very good and very good thing.” (Jin Lei)