Within 1 day, 5 troubles were pressing on Trump

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Although the President of the United States Trump still refuses to recognize Biden’s “victory”, all signs indicate that The chance of Lampe’s comeback is slim.

On the day of November 19 alone, five troubles were brought to Trump’s face, which made his situation even worse.

First, the Trump Organization is under investigation.

According to the Associated Press in New York, a law enforcement official said on November 19, local time that New York State The Attorney General has issued a subpoena to the Trump Organization requesting an investigation of the group’s complaint to the daughter of US President TrumpIvanka paid consulting fees records as part of an extensive civil investigation of Trump’s business dealings.

The New York Times reported recently that by studying Trump’s 20-year tax filing record, it was found that the Trump Organization had passed the Spend 26 million US dollars in consulting fees as a form of company expenses to reduce corporate income tax. Relevant records show that $747,622 of consulting fees were paid to Ivanka.

Reported that the Trump Organization’s tax cuts are still in doubt. In the past, the U.S. tax department found that some companies avoided tax liability by deducting large amounts of consulting fees, and issued fines for this reason.

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May 30 On Sunday, in front of Trump Tower in Chicago, a demonstrator held up a protest sign. Picture from Xinhua News Agency

Second, Biden no Rule out lawsuits against the Trump administration.

In the face of Trump’s delay, Biden is ready to take the initiative to fight back.

According to the Russian satellite network, the US”President-elect” Biden said on November 19, local time that he did not rule out refusing to recognize his”President-elect” The Trump administration filed a lawsuit.

The report stated that at a press conference that day, Biden was asked “whether it will not rule out litigation against the current government and the U.S. General Services Administration,” while the latter The”green light” should be given for the official transfer of power.

Biden replied:”We do not rule out this.”

Third , The recount of Georgia ended, and Biden won.

On the evening of November 19th local time, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office issued a press release officially announcing that the state had Recounting votes manually confirmed that Biden had more votes in Georgia than Trump.

According to a report issued by the Secretary of State’s Office, the recount results show that Biden won 2,475,141 votes in Georgia, and Trump won 2,462,857 votes. , Biden defeated Trump by 12,284 votes, leading by 0.2%. Before the recount, Biden had an advantage of approximately 14,000 votes, and the gap narrowed slightly.

Since Biden’s victory, the Trump campaign has been questioning the results on the grounds of”election fraud.” The result of Georgia’s recount made the Trump campaign completely give up.

Fourth, continue to lose the lawsuit.

For Trump, November 19 is undoubtedly a gloomy day. The Trump campaign also lost three lawsuits this day.

According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) report, the Trump campaign team is in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona’s three election lawsuits were rejected by the court.

Due to the slim chance of winning, the Trump team dismissed an “election fraud” lawsuit in Michigan.

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Trump Data map. Picture from Xinhua News Agency

Fifth, to Republican Asking for help to no avail.

According to U.S. media, people familiar with the matter revealed that on the morning of November 19, Trump called the Republican majority leader of the Senate in Michigan to report An invitation was sent. Trump also called two Republican review committee members in Wayne County and asked them to support themselves.

CNN analyzed that Trump tried to prevent or postpone the certification process of the election results in key states as part of the effort to overturn the election results.

At present, more and more Republicans have indicated to the media that they acknowledged Biden’s victory. These include Idaho Senator Risch, Senator Rubio of Florida, etc.

These Republicans have no shortage of steadfast defenders of Trump in foreign affairs, close friends of the senator, and steadfast supporters of Trump. The Republican Party’s voice in supporting Trump is getting weaker and weaker, and they choose to accept reality.

In addition, several current Trump administration officials have also begun to quietly contact the Biden transition team.

A Trump administration official confirmed to CNN on November 18 that insiders in the Trump administration have had informal contact with the Biden team, “They know We mean, know what we can and cannot say”.

The results of the US general election have yet to be officially announced, but the balance of the general election results is getting smaller and smaller. The loss of the support of allies in the party, coupled with a series of troubles, has to say that Trump’s chances of a comeback are getting smaller and smaller.

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