Xinhua News Agency praises Tan Long:The habit of strict self-discipline achieves the “strongest native artillery” in China

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=01b73fefd0433a9e295a1b9a0dfca7c7 - Xinhua News Agency praises Tan Long:The habit of strict self-discipline achieves the “strongest native artillery” in ChinaTiger Fighting News on November 9th Yesterday’s Changchun Yatai succeeded in surpassing, and”Xinhua News Agency” published an article praising the team’s number one Archer Tan Long.

This season, he scored 11 goals and crushed all foreign aids to lead the scorer list. It is self-evident that Yatai has played a hundred games for the local”Fighter”. For the 32-year-old Tan Long, it makes sense to lead his team back to the Super League after the ups and downs.

Like many athletes with football dreams, Tan Long in his youth is eager to make his mark in the professional arena. In 2008, at the age of 20, he went to the United States to pursue his dreams, but he failed to do so. In order to play football, Tan Long returned to China in 2014 and joined the Harbin Yiteng Club, but only surrendered the embarrassing data of 7 appearances and no goals, and was subsequently terminated. He was forced to return to the United States and struggled in the lower leagues.

In 2017, Changchun Yatai, who was fighting for the Chinese Super League, sent an invitation to Tan Long. This time, he has only begun to enter the field of vision of domestic fans after nearly a year. With a strong body and a keen sense of smell in front of the goal, Tan Long contributed 8 goals and 7 assists for the team that season, and quickly became the main force.

In the 2018 season, the Yatai team missed the last round and suffered relegation. Among the various transfer rumors, Tan Long, who was in his prime, finally chose to stick. He hopes that in his limited football career,”Bo Le” Yatai will once again return to the top stadium of Chinese football.

“For the sake of dreams, we can’t slack off” is the motto of Tan Long galloping the field. In the two seasons of the Chinese League, the tireless Tan Long played in full attendance and carried the banner of the Yatai team’s offensive. Breaking through the wing, grabbing points in the middle, kicking over the head… The late bloomer Tan Long won the trust of the national team with his tenacity and became the only player selected for the national team in the Chinese League.

This season, Tan Long, who has continued his outstanding performance, ushered in a milestone in his career. He staged a”hat trick” in two consecutive rounds and took the lead in the super key game. Yatai’s 900th goal in the professional league was also Tan Long scored this year.

In the eyes of Tan Long, the key to maintaining a competitive state at the 32-year-old”professional senior age” is to develop a habit of strict self-discipline, and ensure regular sleep and diet while training hard daily.

“Before I was 29, I was always in a stop-and-go state. To this day, I cherish every minute of hard work and hard work on the field. I hope I can continue to play until I am 40. The football youth that was once lost makes up for it.” Tan Long said.

At the moment of returning to the Super League, Tan Long shed tears of excitement. He said:”We have waited for this championship for two years, thank all the team members for their hard work, I am very happy!” Now, with the halo of the Chinese Champions, Changchun Yatai has returned to the Super League. Next season, the corps led by the”strongest native artillery” is expected to regain its glory on the green stage after two years.