Yang Anze becomes Biden Secretary of Commerce?

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On November 21, local time, CNN published a forecast report entitled”Persons who may hold senior positions in the Biden administration.” According to reports, President-elect Biden will announce in the next few days or weeks who will hold senior positions in his government.

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These senior positions include the heads of the following 15 departments:Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Interior, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Department of State, Department of Transportation, Department of Finance, and Department of Veterans Affairs.

CNN has made a list of potential candidates based on conversations with Biden’s allies, advisers, and Democrats who are aware of the matter, and has participated in the Andrew Yang, a Chinese-American who participated in the 2020 US presidential election, also appeared on the list.

Yang Anze is considered likely to become the Minister of Commerce of the Biden government. According to CNN, Yang Anze is an entrepreneur and was also the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. The core of Yang Anze’s campaign philosophy is that the core is”basic income for all,” which means that eligible American citizens will be given 1,000 US dollars a month. His campaign slogan is”MATH”, which means”make Americans think harder.” After withdrawing from the presidential campaign, Yang Anze joined CNN in February this year as a political commentator.

According to public reports, Yang Anze was born in New York State, USA in 1975, and his parents are from Taiwan, China. In April of this year, Yang Anze wrote a strange article in the Washington Post, saying that under the new crown epidemic, he found that passers-by were looking at himself with strange and accusing eyes, so he was right. I feel”some shame” as an Asian. He further called on Asian Americans to learn from Japanese Americans during World War II, actively show their loyalty to the United States, and prove that they are an American who loves and is willing to contribute to the United States, so that they will no longer be regarded as a”virus”.”.