Yang Anze will be the Secretary of Commerce of the United States? What is your attitude towards China?

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According to CNN reports, Chinese Yang Anze may serve as Secretary of Commerce in the Biden government.

Everyone must be familiar with Yang Anze. He was born in New York, USA in 1975, his parents are from Taiwan, China, and he graduated from Columbia Law School. He once announced his participation in the 2020 US presidential election and then withdrew. He has served as a lawyer, served as a vice president, and was awarded the title of”Leader of Change in the White House” by the Obama administration, but he has never been in politics. It is this kind of”political amateur” who has aroused everyone’s attention after he announced his participation in the general election. In a poll conducted by FOX, although he only achieved a 3%approval rate, he has ranked fifth among all Democratic candidates. His campaign road successfully persisted until the end of the New Hampshire primary election.

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Yang Anze is not the first Asian American to run for the president of the United States

span>, his”predecessor”-Kwong Youliang, who was originally from Guangdong, China, ran for the Republican primary elections in the US presidential election in 1964 and 1968 respectively.

But on the aspect of identity, Yang Anze seems to be not very successful. After the outbreak, Yang Anze published an article in the”Washington Post”. This article gave some suggestions on the increasing racial discrimination and attacks against Asian Americans under the new crown epidemic.

In this article, Yang Anze advocates that Asian Americans should help solve the public health crisis of the new crown epidemic to eliminate the race against Asian Americans. Discrimination.

At the beginning of the article, Yang Anze talked about being “accused” by a man outside a grocery store last week. Yang Anze said in the article, “I am an Asian I even felt a little ashamed of my identity,” and said that he”has this feeling for the first time in years.”

Then he said,”Of course I don’t think racism is a good thing, but it doesn’t work to say “don’t racially discriminate against Asians”.”Yang Anze said that Asian Americans should prove to others that they are American. He said,”There is no doubt that we should prove that we are Americans. At this critical moment, we must do our part for the country.”

After this article was published, it attracted the attention of many people. Some people think that his eagerness to show his”American side” may be meaningless to express racial discrimination. Some people think that he did all this to please the Americans and show his”loyalty.”

Yang Anze, who is not president, is now reported to be “maybe as Biden Government Minister of Commerce”, which brought him back to the public eye.

For this matter, Asia Pacific Daily commentator Hu Jinyang believes that it is not impossible. Because the Democratic Party pays more attention to unity first, and Yang Anze was also one of the candidates in the Democratic Party primary election at first, and also had a certain support rate. Therefore, perhaps among the young Democrats, Yang Anze may become Minister of Commerce.

Also, because Yang Anze is of Chinese descent and is part of the minority ethnic group, if he really becomes the Minister of Commerce, it will be in line with the characteristics of the Biden administration itself, namely There are more women and ethnic minorities. Moreover, Yang Anze still has personal characteristics and innovative ability.

Hu Jinyang said that if Yang Anze, a Chinese descent, becomes Minister of Commerce, he would not be able to draw conclusions easily on his attitude towards China, because there are personal factors in it. There is also the influence of the Democratic Party and the Biden administration. The Secretary of Commerce is still under the general framework of the Democratic Party government, so the China policy cannot be separated from the government.

Yang Anze once said that he centered on the interests of the United States, so he might not think too much about the interests of China.


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