2020 China-Japan-Korea Nie Weiping Cup Go Masters Tournament ends in Chengdu

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Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, December 23 (Reporters:Chen Di, Wang Di) The 2020 China-Japan-Korea Nie Weiping Cup Go Masters Tournament was held in Chengdu on the afternoon of the 23rd. After three days and three rounds of online games, the Chinese team and < span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”14418527″>The South Korean team drew, and the South Korean team won the championship by defeating Nie Weiping’s 9th Dan with Cao Xun-hyun. The Chinese team was runner-up and the Japanese team finished third.

It is understood that the China-Japan-Korea Nie Weiping Cup Go Masters Tournament is hosted by the China Go Association and the Chengdu Municipal Sports Bureau. The competition not only created a stage for the players of the Three Kingdoms to learn chess skills, but also promoted the exchanges and mutual learning and international development of Go, which attracted the attention of the fans of the Three Kingdoms.

This tournament adopts a team-set system, with 4 players per team in each round. Nie Weiping, Chang Hao, Coulee masters and apprentices, South Korea’s Cao Xun-hyun, Lee Chang-ho, masters and apprentices, and Japan’s Mugong Masaki, and others will play together. , Each team of four generations of old, middle-aged and young players are in the same room.

In the first round, the Chinese team beat the Japanese team 4-0. Among them, the first Nie Weiping narrowly defeated Wugong Zhengshu by 3/4 times, the second Chang Hao Li overcomes the mountain Jing Wu, the second two Gu Li, Wu Yiming We defeated Kono Rin and Ueno Risa respectively. In the second round, the South Korean team also defeated the Japanese team 4-0.

Therefore, in the third round of the duel on the 23rd, China and South Korea will determine the champion in a battle. This is also the encounter of old opponents. Chess Saint Nie Weiping fought against the Go emperor Cao Xunxuan. After three hours of fierce battle, Nie Lao lost his long-time enemy.

Another pair of old rivals Chang Hao and Li Changhao met online for the first time, and Chang Hao won. Three sets of Gu Li defeated Yin Junxiang, four sets of teenager Wu Yiming lost to Zheng Youzhen, shed sad tears. China and South Korea were evenly divided 2:2, and the South Korean team won the championship due to the loss of a main player.

After the match, Nie Weiping said guiltily:”Hey, I’m all to blame for losing the main general.” Lin Jianchao, chairman of the Chinese Go Association, highly praised the new format and significance of the Nie Weiping Cup China-Japan-Korea Go Masters. In one step, the competition will be included in the China Go Association competition system. (End)