A big explosion in Tennessee, USA:Airport disconnection and flight suspension, people cry on the spot

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Overseas Net December 26th, the morning of the 25th local time, the capital of Tennessee, USANashville a large explosion occurred in the city center, causing many injuries and damage to many buildings. The people at the scene were scared to tears.

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report, the windows of a nearby building were shattered after an RV exploded at the site of the incident. Witness McCoy said that the glass in his apartment flew from the living room to the bedroom.”There is glass everywhere in the house, and the apartment is a mess. The building I live in is very high and very strong, so there must be a strong explosion that knocked all the windows. They were all blown up.” McCoy said that after the explosion, when he ran downstairs, he saw people in the corridor frightened. “They were shocked. They were crying.” The local police said the structure of several buildings been destroyed. The fragments of the explosion spread to multiple blocks, and the streets around the exploded vehicle have been blocked.

It is unclear if anyone was inside when the RV exploded. Several law enforcement sources said human remains were found at the scene of the explosion. The identities of the remains have not been confirmed, and it is not clear whether they can be confirmed. The explosion also caused a police officer nearby to fall to the ground, and another police officer’s hearing was temporarily lost. Three others were injured and taken to the hospital.

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Source:Associated Press

Nashville International Airport on the afternoon of the 25th The tower was disconnected due to an explosion, causing the temporary suspension of flights. Currently, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been involved in the investigation. The local mayor imposed a curfew on the area affected by the explosion.

Source:Overseas Network