America is dangerous! Trump wants to bid farewell to the scorched earth, his men are planning to create civil unrest

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“Unless someone throws me out of the window sill, I won’t be inaugurated at Biden Leaving the White House on the day of the ceremony”. This is what Trump said to his advisers a few days ago, releasing to the outside world his belief that he”has won the election.” Therefore, until now, Trump is still fighting to defend his”victory fruits”.

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local time On the 17th, Trump was still tweeting frantically, accusing the Biden team of”committing fraudulent crimes” in the general election, and bombarding former National Security Director Krebs for”making wrong testimony at the Senate hearing.” At the same time, Trump has repeatedly reiterated his attitude that he”will not participate in Biden’s inauguration on January 20 next year.”

In other words, even though almost the whole world believes that Biden has won the US election, Trump still does his own thing. Even if he is the last one, he We must insist on the momentum of a bloody battle to the end. In this regard, many American media are worried, calling Trump’s move a”scorched earth farewell ceremony”, which means that Trump will turn the United States into a scorched earth before he steps down.

But in fact, Trump is not fighting alone. On the contrary, he still has the capital to turn around. Even if the comeback fails, the United States must be messed up to make life difficult for political opponents. Therefore, even if the Republican leaders have publicly acknowledged the results of the election, Trump’s staff and those within the Republican Party are willing to support Trump. What’s more, Trump still has 74 million supporters as”backup”.

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United StatesCNN reported that”Trump once admitted privately to the results of the election, but now he seems to have adjusted his mentality, not only spreading the election frantically Wrong information, and use it as a main means of motivating oneself.”

Obviously, Trump’s reports of the election by the media that are considered”fake news” simply cannot convince him of the authenticity of these reports. . On the contrary, this further increased Trump’s suspicion that his own”election may be stolen”. Therefore, Trump, who has always been unwilling to suffer losses, no matter how the outside world views the results of this election, he will continue to fight and even sabotage the United States.

So, although Trump’s chances of ultimately achieving a turnaround are slim, this does not affect his determination to leave a devastated America to Biden. Therefore, Trump and his staff began to make elaborate arrangements for the implementation of actions to destroy the United States. He can’t get it by Trump himself, and Biden can’t even think of it.

According to overseas reports, a source disclosed that the new US Secretary of Defense Miller has ordered a complete suspension of overwork with the President-elect Biden’s team. Many Pentagon officials were shocked, but no one understood Miller’s purpose.

Obviously, Trump fired the former Secretary of Defense Esper at lightning speed not long ago and will be loyal to his former National Security Director Miller was sent to the position of chief of defense in order to prepare for today’s obstruction of the transition of military power with the new government.

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In addition, At the same time, the U.S. State Department also came out with incredible news that the old and new Secretary of State was originally planned to”meet for 15 minutes” at the State Department on the 17th. However, because the current Secretary of State Pompeo announced on the 16th that he was in quarantine due to”contact with patients with the new crown virus”, the meeting was cancelled. In this regard, CNN all regretfully claimed that this disappointed people who hoped to initiate a”historical power transition.”

At the same time, at a sensitive moment when the new and old governments of the United States are carrying out the transfer of power, the US Vice PresidentPence suddenly announced that he will visit overseas immediately after a joint meeting of the two houses of the United States confirms Biden’s election. In this regard, some media pointed out that Pence’s move was to refuse to perform his duty of”declaring Biden’s victory” at the joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Things suddenly became very clear. Trump was unwilling to leave the White House after Biden announced his inauguration. Miller stopped working with Biden’s team at the Department of Defense. The transitional work of Pompeo made the meeting of the two secretaries of”Escape” is to explain to the outside world that many people are still”fighting side by side” with Trump, trying to deny the result of Biden’s victory by creating civil unrest in the United States.

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US media I found that Trump has been busy with two things recently. One is to deny the election result vigorously and persistently. The other is to use the presidential power in his own hands to exercise the power of pardon before stepping down. US CNN reported that hundreds of Trump’s allies, including his close business partners, and even some well-known felons in the country are on his pardon list.

Obviously, Trump is eager to wipe out the crimes of these people, not just for these people who helped him win the 2016 presidential election. More importantly, the release of hundreds of criminals will be a disaster in the United States. The impact this will have on the national security and social stability of the United States in the future is self-evident.

In this regard, CNN pointed out that the clarity of the election results did not bridge the division of American public opinion. On the one hand, the media have accused Trump of”scorched earth farewell”; on the other hand, a large number of diehard Trump fans are expecting a turnaround more than he himself.

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Obviously , Because Trump still has quite a lot of supporters within the Republican Party, and tens of millions of diehard fans in society are”persistently fighting” for him. In addition, cabinet members such as Pompeo and Pence have always maintained one mind with them. All of this is undoubtedly creating favorable conditions for Trump to turn the United States into”scorched earth.”