Bomb threats in many parts of the United States

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Many places in the United States have encountered bomb threats for days. The recent bombing in Tennessee has targeted the murderer, and the bomb threat to the Empire State Building in New York seems to be a false alarm.

Tennessee bombing murderer dies

According to foreign media reports, the US police confirmed on the 27th local time the RV explosion in downtown Nashville, Tennessee The identity of the murderer of the incident and announced that he had died at the scene.

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Caption:Three people were injured in an explosion in Tennessee, USA. Xinhua News Agency

Tennessee’s prosecutor said the murderer was named Anthony Quinn Waugh. Na, is a 63-year-old white man from Nashville. David Roush, director of the Tennessee branch of the FBI, said that forensic doctors have compared the DNA extracted from the explosion site with Warner’s DNA, and the two are consistent. Earlier, because Warner owned a vehicle similar to the car involved, FBI officers conducted a search of its residence.

The prosecutor said that Werner acted alone, but they have not yet determined the motive for the crime.

Werner has lived in Nashville for a long time and has done many information technology jobs. Public records show that he has extensive experience in electronics and alarm systems. He recently worked as a computer technician for the real estate company Fridrich & Clark.

The police learned of gunfire in downtown Nashville on the morning of the 25th and went to investigate. Later, it was discovered that the gunfire was a recording played by an RV, and the recording asked people to”evacuate immediately.” Later, the recording was transformed into”the bomb will explode in 15 minutes.” The police immediately evacuated the residents and called the bomb disposal team. The RV exploded before the bomb disposal crew arrived. In addition to the killer’s death, the explosion caused at least 3 people to be injured and more than 40 shops damaged. Nashville International AirportThe tower was disconnected due to an explosion, causing the flight to be grounded on the afternoon of the 25th.

Empire State Building encountered bomb threat

After Tennessee, the Empire State Building, a famous landmark in New York City, USA suffered a bomb threat on the 27th. Fortunately so far No explosion has occurred yet. The local police said that the threat “seems to be unfounded.”

At 11 am local time on the 27th, someone called 911 (US police call), warning that a bomb will explode at the Empire State Building in New York at noon. The New York City police urgently dispatched an explosion-proof team to the scene, but did not find any explosive devices.

Because there was no explosion at noon, the police believed that the Empire State Building was not under credible threat and was still safe.

However, the police are still investigating whether there was a bomb and whether the reporter deliberately mischievous.

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