Brexit, the Premier League and the world’s number one say goodbye

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Reporter Hanbing Report in January 2021 Before the 1st, the Premier League can still enter Europe’s”Five Major Leagues” under the”EU treatment” standard; but after this date, the Premier League Will no longer enjoy any benefits of EU member states, and are different from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland that have joined the Schengen Agreement, and become a real”Overseas islands” separated from the European continent. Although Britain officially announced Brexit at the beginning of 2020, the British football community did not mind too much about the possible impact of Brexit. After all, there is still an 11-month”transition period”. But now, a British football that is completely separated from the European football circle under the framework of the European Union, the impact that will face has arrived.

has”Brexit“, under GBE

The discovery of the new crown mutant virus in the United Kingdom has caused almost all major countries in the world to temporarily disconnect from the United Kingdom. Aviation, to a certain extent, is the isolated state of British football facing the”epidemic version” of globalization in the future. Brexit has directly led to the possibility of EU players who did not need to obtain a labor permit to face non-compliance and lose their jobs. In order to avoid the loss of a large number of top EU players predicted by the media, before January 1, the Premier League will establish a new points system to obtain recognition from the Ministry of Labor. This new governing body (GBE) responsible for approval will become the Premier League and continue to attract outstanding EU countries. Threshold for players.

Compared to previous FA, Premier League and EFL targeting non-EU National players have similar licenses. The GBE review points system mainly refers to three areas:the number of players’ youth and adult national teams’ appearances; the league rankings of players’ clubs and their performance in the European war; players’ appearances in the original league and intercontinental events number. It can be seen that, in order to retain high-quality players in the European Union, the British football management agency has greatly relaxed the labor license review. According to the labor licensing standards for non-EU players, a large number of EU players who cannot get enough appearances in the European national team may face the possibility of leaving the Premier League. But now, the new”European License” increases the player’s original league level and the weight of the player’s performance in the original league and the European War, greatly reducing the threshold for European players.

Although the media generally believe that Brexit will greatly limit the attraction of the Premier League in recruiting top European stars, the Premier League CEO Masters is confident. I believe that the new”European License” system will ensure to the greatest extent that the top players in the European Union can continue to stay in the Premier League, but compared to the previous one more”routine” application:”This solution will retain the best The European Union players can also take into account the development of local players.” However, some media have pointed out:According to the new standard, Manchester United coach Solskjaer will not be able to get a GBE job because of his long-term coaching in Norway, which is under-ranked in the European league. license.

For this reason, GBE has also opened a”back door” to coaches and players represented by Solskjaer, who can apply for exemption to the expert panel. Whether it can be exempted depends largely on the subjective judgment of the review committee experts.

The UK is extinct from the”European talent market”

Because of the basic principles of free migration and employment in the EU, FIFA allows players under the age of 18 between EU countries to join leagues outside their home country. However, with Brexit and at the same time withdrawing from the European Economic Area, the well-funded Premier League will completely miss the”European genius market.” As in the past, 16-year-old Fabrigas and Pogba were signed into the UK. This is a major blow to the Premier League clubs that have been deeply plowing the European youth training market in recent years. The previous FIFA’s”U18 player international transfer” ban has prevented Premier League clubs from directly signing young talents from countries outside the EU. Now the UK will lose the most developed EU youth training market, and its future competitiveness in the Premier League will be enhanced. The immeasurable impact.

At the same time, although the GBE policy can retain most of the EU players and coaches playing in the Premier League, the application process itself increases the cost of transfer transactions, which is very The Premier League is very unfavorable. After all, Brexit is a long process, and post-Brexit impact assessments are also ongoing. As early as 2016, the BBC has calculated that if the Premier League aligns the EU players’ labor permit entry system with non-EU players, in the Premier League, British Championship< /span> and Su Chao will have as many as 332 players unable to meet the standard.

Even with the implementation of the new”European License” system, there are currently more than 100 players in the Premier League who fail to meet the standards. The Football Association even proposed to reduce the maximum number of foreign players in the Premier League to 12 in order to alleviate the EU brain drain caused by Brexit, which is 5 fewer than the current one. Such measures will inevitably affect the strength of the Premier League’s top clubs, and then affect the Premier League’s competitiveness in the Champions League and the Europa League. In addition, there are a large number of coaches from the European Union in the various leagues of the four British football associations, and Solskjaer, like Solskjaer, cannot meet the new”European license” requirements.

This has not been calculated. For a long time, other areas of the British football industry, from infrastructure to logistics support, club administration, finance, business promotion, etc. have widely employed the EU Influence of employees. The prosperity of the Premier League in the 21st century is directly related to the high degree of liberalization of capital and talent. Brexit has made the UK lose its natural advantage in attracting European capital and talent. For the Premier League, which currently relies more on US capital, it may not have much impact in the short term, but in the future the advantages of the Premier League will be gradually weakened by the other four major leagues in the EU. , Because the latter, at least in the talent market, lacks the strongest competitors.