Chang’e 5 lunar exploration trip, four weapons teamed up to perform sampling return mission

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CCTV News:Chang’e 5 mission as my country’s lunar exploration project Taking the last step of planning is more complicated and challenging in terms of task planning and implementation. So what is the specific implementation plan for the Chang’e 5 mission this time, and how did the probe complete the mission?

According to the three-step plan of my country’s lunar exploration project”around the fall back”, the Chang’e-5 probe will perform the lunar sampling and return mission. Compared with the previous lunar exploration mission, the Chang’e-5 probe not only has to land on the moon, but also complete sampling and return. So many tasks also make the system of the Chang’e-5 detector more complicated. For this reason, the developers designed the Chang’e-5 detector into a multi-device combination.

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It is not difficult to see from the name that each device has its own function and task. In the process of carrying out the lunar surface sampling and returning mission, the four detectors will form different combinations according to the needs of the mission, and they will finally complete the sampling and returning mission with their concerted efforts.

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