Chinese seal carving is”moving”! These Winter Olympics icons are not simple

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On the evening of December 31, 2020, as the new year is approaching, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and WinterPallic Olympics /span>The sports icon is officially released. This marks new progress in the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The sports icons for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are the fusion of seal cutting and Chinese characters, which echo the”China Seal”, the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and once again contributed”Chinese cultural symbols to the Olympic Movement””.

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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem”China Seal”, used China’s seal has been used for thousands of years as a carrier. Today, as the world’s first”Double Olympic City” that has hosted the Summer Olympics and will host the Winter Olympics, Beijing has adopted early cultural symbols to show the sports icons of the Winter Olympics. The ancient and the modern face each other, and the history and the future blend together. Under the deduction of new media technology, the moving sports icons make the Chinese characters and seal carvings that are important carriers of Chinese civilization appear on paper.

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△Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Cultural Activities Deputy Minister Gao Tian

“Sports icon is a symbol of winter sports. Its release is an important nodal event in the preparation process of the Winter Olympics. It symbolizes that the Winter Olympics is coming to us with firm steps.”Said Gao Tian, ​​deputy director of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.

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△Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Sports Department Minister Tong Lixin

“At first glance, it feels more like’print’, not like’standard’.” This is the first impression of the sports icon Tong Lixin, director of the Sports Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.

Sports icons are standard for the Olympic Games. There are 24 sports icons in the Beijing Winter Olympics and 6 sports icons in the Winter Paralympics. Each sports icon fully displays the most characteristic, beautiful and successful moments of the sport. These symbols will be widely used in event landscapes, indication systems, tickets, television broadcasts, news propaganda, market development and other fields.

“Sports icons can surpass all languages ​​and words, whether they are athletes, coaches, or spectators, seeing this logo, you know the competition event it represents.” Tong Lixin said.

Sports icons are also cultural symbols. Throughout the design process, the actions, props, scenes, etc. of each winter sport, as well as the early cultural symbols and the forms of oracle bone inscriptions were studied in depth.

Gao Tian said:“As a Winter Olympics held in China, we have been focusing on how to combine the characteristics of winter sports with the characteristics of Chinese culture. The whole design process has gone through many discussions and revisions. , And finally form this set of sports icons. We hope that through this set of icons, everyone can vividly feel the shape and spirit of winter sports, and the root and soul of Chinese culture.”

As the inspiration source for the design of sports icons, Chinese characters carry Chinese history and culture. The Beijing Winter Olympics emblem”Winter Dream” and the Beijing Winter Paralympics emblem”Feiyue” also incorporate the processing of Chinese characters. As the core element of the image landscape of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the design of sports icons should also be consistent in context.

Sports icons reflect the calligraphy brushwork of the blade and the exquisite white cloth between the square inches, combining calligraphy and engraving, conveying a long tradition and vivid charm that spans thousands of years, showing that”between square inches, there are thousands of things”It echoes the concept of”China Seal”, the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, reflecting the”Double Olympic City” and the heritage of Olympic culture.

The color of sports icons comes from Xia Guanghong, one of the main colors in the color system of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. It is also the color of traditional inkpad, cinnabar, which represents passion and hope. The Beijing Winter Olympics also coincides with the Spring Festival, the traditional Chinese holiday, and the use of red as the background color also highlights a strong festive atmosphere.

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Central Academy of Fine Arts Design Institute Deputy Dean, Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Cultural Activities Department Image Landscape Art Director, Sports Icon Design Team Chief Designer Lin Cunzhen

Central Fine Arts Lin Cunzhen, the deputy dean of the School of Design, the artistic director of the image landscape of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, and the chief designer of the sports icon design team, introduced that the original creative scheme of sports icons has nearly 20 directions.”Whether it comes from ice and snow sports, graphic creativity, or cultural origins. We have found a lot of new year-related attempts, and even paper-cutting and shadow puppets.”

After determining the source of inspiration for text, Lin Cunzhen And her team went to the Chinese Academy of History for the first time.”We studied Chinese characters from Oracle and earlier cultural symbols, and studied how to use characters (representing sports events) to be the most accurate.”

Lin Cunzhen said that the original creativity was to use calligraphy, but Ice and snow sports are the embodiment of speed and strength. When they try calligraphy, some icons are okay, and some feel that they are not strong enough. For example, when drawing the icon of hockey, it is difficult to express the strength of the fierce ice hockey game with a brush.

“(So) we thought of seal cutting. Comparing the brushwork and the knife, the knife has a stronger sense of power. At the same time, due to the collision between the knife and the stone, a very interesting edge structure will appear. So At that time, we decided to try the idea of ​​seal cutting.” Lin Cunzhen said.

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△Young teacher, seal carving, School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts Artist Zhang Mingguan

Lin Cunzhen specially invited the young teacher and seal artist Zhang Mingguan from the School of Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Lin Cunzhen carried out graphic design, Zhang Ming used seal cutting to express, coordinated and complemented each other.

The design team also combined sports characteristics, text structure, and seal cutting style to form a systematic standard for the basic elements and structure of sports icons. For example, how thick should the athlete’s head, limbs, torso and ski equipment be presented.

The seal in the Qin and Han dynasties is the pinnacle in the history of Chinese seal cutting art, and”Yin Zong Qin and Han” has become the”golden key and jade rule” of seal cutting by later literati. Among them, the style of Han Yin is elegant and solemn, simple and honest.

Lin Cunzhen said:”The lines of the Han-print are relatively thick, which is a very simple art. When we pursued the style of the Han-print, after the lines were thickened, we found that the power of ice and snow sports was relatively weak. So. We made a lot of adjustments, and made a series of changes from thick to thin lines to see which is better.”

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In the process of seal cutting, there is another big problem that will be”collapsed”. Zhang Mingguan said:”When I use a knife to carve a stone, because I can’t grasp every part of the stone, the file will collapse when it is filed relatively quickly. If the collapse appears at the position indicating the speed, It is appropriate, but it appears in the structure of the body, such as the waist and shoulders where the body structure is reflected. It will have some influence on the expression of the image.”.

Before seal carving, drawing icons is also a process of repeated revisions, because graphics are highly abstract and generalized, such as a line. Its angle, thickness, and length are all highly refined and generalized. of. If you don’t understand the sport and don’t have strong graphics skills, it’s difficult to draw it.

“Before drawing each icon, the draft must be more than 100 drafts, so that you can feel it on hand and you can draw it.” Lin Cunzhen said,”Some graphics come out faster, maybe one or two hundred drafts. One can come out. For some graphics, several people drew thousands of drafts and painted them separately. Each of them had hundreds of drafts, but none of them could achieve the effect we wanted.”

Ancient art, but it is not commonly used in today’s life, and many young people do not understand it. Lin Cunzhen said:”How can seal cutting stir up some small waves in the hearts of young people, so that they feel that seal cutting can still be fashionable?”

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The dynamic version of sports icons has become the main direction of the design team.”Dynamic icons are what we must do to suit the current mobile terminals, the Internet, TV and the state that young people like.” Lin Cunzhen said.

As the countdown to the New Year’s Eve of the”Universal New Year’s Eve Ice and Snow Festival”, the sports icons suddenly”moved”. In the form of a popular ultra-moving image, each of the 30 icons are converted from two-dimensional seal cutting to three-dimensional in a 2-3 second video animation. The ice and snow sports are highly synchronized and repeat quickly, and at the same time, they are matched with the rhythm of the background music to achieve a”burning” effect.

“We just want to make the traditional seal young and energetic, so that young people can see such ancient things, and they will also appear in this super-sense form, so that more young people can use sports icons Come and fall in love with seal carving.” Lin Cunzhen said that in the future, sports icons will also design interactive products to encourage people to imitate the iconic classic movements of ice and snow sports.

How to convert two-dimensional seal carving into three-dimensional animation? How to highly refine classic movements in a short time of 2-3 seconds, present the characteristics of sports, and at the same time conform to sports norms, and naturally reflect Chinese traditional culture? These have become difficult problems for the seal carving to”live”.

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Introduction by Jin Jun, Deputy Dean of the School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts Said that after their research, they found that the powder that was”collapsed” during the contact between the carving knife and the stone could be related to snow ice flowers.”This has produced a connection from static to dynamic. The traditional art of seal carving is combined with fashionable ice and snow sports, the action of carving a knife, the action of ice and snow sports, from static to dynamic, from ancient times to the present, it has new vitality.” br>

“When we make this icon, what we want to embody most is the cultural system behind the icon. We show the image of China to the world through a platform like the Olympic Games, which includes combining our traditions and the new era Pass the image of the world to the world.” Lin Cunzhen said.

Zhang Mingguan also said:“When we talk about calligraphy and seal cutting, we always feel that we are far away from young people, but this may not be the case. We need to deconstruct this traditional art again, Young people understand it and adapt to it in this era.”

Athletes have special emotions for sports icons. Figure skating star Tong Jian said:“I think every athlete will collect more sports icons during the Winter Olympics and let himself There are more commemorations and memories for the Olympic Games. The release of this sports icon can bring more possibilities to the promotion of ice and snow sports.”

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curling world champion, Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Wang Bingyu, Director of Curling Program of the Ministry of Sports

World Curling Champion, Director of Curling Program of the Sports Department of Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing CommitteeWang Bingyu

Span> is also looking forward to enjoying the sports icons with former teammates and foreign athletes.”They come to China to participate in Beijing 2022 and see that the sports icons are well integrated with Chinese elements. I will be very proud and proud!” (CCTV reporter Wang Xiaojie, Wang Feng and Chen Baoshan)

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