Dragging his girlfriend’s body through the living room, the Internet celebrity was detained by the police

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According to Today’s Russian Television (RT) report, a popular Russian blogger broadcasted his girlfriend’s body and a video of him rescuing his girlfriend on the Internet. The man has been detained and the police are investigating the case.

According to reports, a Russian named Stas? The blogger of Stas Reshetnikov’s live webcast filmed a video of himself dragging the body of his girlfriend Valentina through the living room and then sitting on the sofa at home. Then, the man cried at the camera, feeling self-blame for what happened.”I’m telling you,” he said again,”she seems to be dead. After receiving an emergency call, the authorities rushed to his home in the Russian capital, but he refused to stop the live broadcast.

The blogger said,”What is there to regret?” I really didn’t do anything,” and claimed that he himself called an ambulance.

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According to reports, the deceased may have been pregnant. When the temperature was below zero, he spent a few hours outside wearing very little clothes. Russian media speculated that it was Reshetnikov drove her out of the apartment. However, according to neighbors, she only stayed outside for a short period of time, and the cause of her death has not yet been determined.

Olga Vradiy, an official of the Moscow Region Investigation Committee, said that an investigation has now begun to determine the cause of the girl’s death and whether anyone has criminal responsibility.

Valentina, who is about 26 years old, is often the subject of ReeFlay’s jokes and pranks. In one video, he poured chili sauce on Valentina’s face, and in another video, Valentina threatened him with a knife during a heated argument.

It is reported that Reshetnikov has been taken to the hospital by the authorities. From the live broadcast, the authorities can be heard telling him that they will”find out” the person responsible for the matter.

Source:Global Times