EU fishing boats can still fish in British waters for five and a half years after Brexit, British fishermen express disappointment

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According to news from Reuters in London, an industry representative stated that the Brexit The trade agreement does not restrict EU member states from entering British waters to a greater extent. The British fishing industry is disappointed.

Barry Diss, chief executive of the British Federation of Fishermen’s Organizations, said:”Without more decisive breakthroughs, the entire industry will be very disappointed.””This is a bit perfunctory.”

< p>The report said that British Prime Minister Johnson stated earlier on Thursday that the UK has agreed with the EU on a”reasonable” transitional period of 5 and a half years on fisheries issues, which is longer than the 3 years he hoped, but more than the EU. The first 14 years required were shorter.

But Diss pointed out that the industry’s biggest concern is likely to be allowing EU fishing vessels to continue operating within 6 miles of the British coast, which is half of the 12-mile limit sought by the industry. He said:”I think everyone will be very disappointed.”

According to the report, supporters of Brexit said, Fishery is a symbol of sovereignty, and the fishing grounds in British waters should be mainly used by British fishermen. The European Union has tried to ensure that ships from member states such as France and the Netherlands can enter British waters.