Expanded to 68 third-tier leagues in 2023

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Guangzhou Daily (all-media reporter Zhang Zhe) Yesterday, the Chinese Football Association officially issued”Measures to Further Promote the Reform and Development of Football”. The full text contains 35 articles covering the next three years. Eight aspects of development.

The Chinese Football Association just completed a special governance meeting for the three-level professional league in Shanghai this Monday, and introduced the neutral naming of the three-level professional clubs and the latest”salary limit” decision. Immediately afterwards, the Chinese Football Association issued the”Measures to Further Promote the Reform and Development of Football”. The full text has 35 articles and plans in eight aspects, which are required to be completed within the cycle of 2021-2023.

In terms of setting goals for the men’s and women’s national teams, the Chinese Football Association’s requirements in this cycle are:”The men’s national team strives to reach the top level in Asia and prepares for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the 2023 Asian Cup. , And strive for new breakthroughs. The women’s national team strives to reach the leading level in Asia, with the goal of participating in the Tokyo Olympics, and strive to achieve good results.”

In terms of the governance of professional leagues, the Chinese Football Association stipulates that the 2021 season must be completed in the club. The two major tasks of sexual naming and salary limitation also emphasized the completion of the establishment and registration of professional league management institutions with independent corporate legal personality and the establishment of organizational structures. This is the work of forming”professional leagues” that the outside world has been paying attention to. In the planning of the”35 measures”, it is clear that the future decision-making power of the”professional league” is still in the hands of the Chinese Football Association.

In addition, the Chinese Football Association has also clarified the”expansion” timetable for the three-level professional league:By 2023, the Chinese Super LeagueExpanded to 18 teams, China A to 20 teams, and China B to about 30 teams. Beginning next year, the Chinese Super League club”men’s football with women’s football” model will be implemented, and the establishment of a professional women’s football team will be one of the access conditions for the Chinese Super League club. In addition, the Chinese Football Association has also clarified the standards of the professional club talent echelon construction system in its measures. By 2023, it will develop to the Chinese Super League club to have a 9-level elite echelon, The Chinese League club has 7 elite echelons.