Fu Peirong:What kind of book you will become, what I want to tell you about reading

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It’s a bit embarrassing to talk about”reading”.

Do people still need to read books today?

If you don’t read books, your days will pass. TV, computers and mobile phones are always on Provide countless information, who feels that he has more energy to browse the paper book?

The purpose of reading is to cultivate correct values , So that when engaged in various choices, you can distinguish the priorities.

Wang Yangming’s so-called”unity of knowledge and action” contains at least one meaning, which is:< /span>

I really know what is right, so I try to practice it; or, for me Everything I have practiced, I know it is right.

As for the”why” that is right, you have to study on your own And thinking about it.

People are rational, Naturally thinking; if you don’t read books, the material for thinking must be limited to what you see and what you hear. It is trivial and disordered and not a system. The truth is difficult to distinguish, and everyone can think about it. How can you finally establish your own outlook on life?

However, if you like to read without thinking, you can’t digest, absorb and understand, yes My own life is also limited.

true Reading is not read only once. The real reading is rereading.Only then can it be done” and read Think twice, and absorb the essence for your own use.

Philosophy is a love of wisdom and requires curiosity Seek a complete and fundamental understanding, and then take actual actions to verify the experience.

On the journey of love and wisdom, books are an indispensable friend.

My experience of interacting with books is wonderful, this experience hopes Everyone can have it.

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< p>New work by Teacher Fu“Reading and Life”,Incorporate the wisdom of Chinese learning and philosophy into the reading experience and experience ;

Share exclusive book selection methods and reading skills , To take you to overcome knowledge anxiety and achieve lifelong growth.

★What kind of book we read, we will become what kind of person.


p style=”text-align:justify”>★Reading cannot change the length of life, but Can expand the width and depth of life.

Facing the vast sea of ​​books , How to choose, read, think and use?

in “Reading and Life”Mr. Fu shared his exclusive reading experience, divided into three parts:

Part One,Based on his own experience, Mr. Fu introduced how to cultivate reading interest and habits, how to make a reading plan, the method of selecting books and the method of reading, the role of reading and how to practice after reading;

Part two,Ms. Fu shared his exclusive reading method Four Seasons Reading Method and Four Stages of Life Reading Method;

Part three,Good book recommendations are divided into four categories:psychology, literature, religion, and philosophy. Teacher Fu gave a detailed introduction to each must-read book.

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