General news:Jiangsu ends Liaoning winning streak

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Xinhua News Agency, Zhuji, Zhejiang, December 31st, 31st, the 2020-2021 season Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) 25th Two games in the round, Jiangsu defeated Liaoning 119:112, ending the latter’s seven-game winning streak. With the help of foreign aid Hudson, the Shandong team beat the Dragon and Lions 117:115 with difficult 3 points at the last minute.

In the match between Jiangsu and Liaoning, Jiangsu team Wu Yujia and foreign aid Williams quickly entered the form to score points in succession. Liaoning team Zhang Zhenlin chased after three points and returned to color. The two sides battled 28 in the first quarter. level. At the beginning of the second quarter, the Liaoning team’s foreign aid Mayo made a three-pointer, and the Jiangsu team’s foreign aid Wells made a move to stabilize the situation. At halftime, Jiangsu led Liaoning with 58:57. At the end of the third quarter, Jiangsu rained a three-pointer, pulling the difference to double digits. In the fourth quarter, the two sides launched a confrontation. At the end of the game, Liaoning missed consecutive strong shots, and Jiangsu secured the victory.

In this campaign, Jiangsu Wells contributed 30 points, 3 rebounds and 7 assists. Wu Guanxi had 21 points and 13 rebounds. Shi Hongfei 13 points and 10 assists. Guo Ailun, the main player of the Liaoning team, missed the game. Zhao Jiwei scored 30 points, 3 rebounds and sent 6 assists, Zhang Zhenlin, Mayo and Zhu Rongzhen All obtained”20+” data.

In the first quarter of the Dragon and Lions game against Shandong, the Dragon and Lions team Tian Yuheng made a continuous shot from outside, but the Shandong team quickly entered the state under the leadership of foreign aid Hudson. Shandong team 28:23 leads to end the first quarter. In the second quarter, the status of the Dragons and Lions rebounded, and at the end of halftime they overtook 54:48. After the easy side battle, Shandong played a 9:0 attack wave, and at the end of the third quarter, it was 1 point behind the Longshi at 82:83. In the last quarter, the two sides were in a stalemate. At the last moment, Hudson turned difficult to make a three-pointer. The Dragon Lions foreign aid Moore missed a three-pointer and the team regretted losing Shandong by one goal.

Shandong’s foreign aid Hudson scored 37 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists in a”triple-double”. Tao Hanlin A double-double with 29 points and 11 rebounds also scored. The Dragon and Lions Chen Yingjun scored 25 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, while foreign aid Speights scored 20 points.

The remaining three games of the 25th round will be played on the first day of 2021, Qingdao against Shanxi, Shougang against Zhejiang, and Jilin against Tianjin. (End)