Li Yingying was elected as the best main attacker, causing controversy

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News from December 25th, Beijing time, the best player in the Super League for the new season The result of the selection was released, and Zhu Ting won the title of MVP without any suspense, Zhang Changning and Li Yingying were selected as the best main attackers, Gong Xiangyu won the best response, Diao Linyu won the honor of the best setter over Ding Xia and Yao Di, the best free man was not given to Ni Extraordinary, but Wang Mengjie, this position has been controversial, and caused discussions between two voices on the Internet!

After Zhu Ting returned to the Super League, he played for the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team for two consecutive seasons, whether in the national team As a club, Zhu Ting undertook quite a heavy task. The front and rear rows played a vital role. They were able to destroy the city at a critical moment, boost the morale of his teammates, and made great contributions to the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Championship.

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Before the finals, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team only lost one game. Zhu Ting’s challenge and pressure are not great, and Yao Di also intends to protect her. In the critical finals, Zhu Ting stepped forward. In the first round, he scored 28 points without a savior. In the second round, he scored 28 points and the spiking success rate exceeded 50%. In the third round, Zhu Ting scored 26 points, which showed core value. He deserves the title of Most Valuable Player.

After the match, Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Wang Baoquan praised Zhu Ting, thinking she is a rare talent, She is the luck of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team! Wang Baoquan said that Zhu Ting not only has excellent skills and a stable mentality, but also played a role in stabilizing the military spirit on the court.

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The best main attack is Zhang Changning and Li Yingying. Zhang Changning worked hard in the Jiangsu women’s volleyball team. The front row made a big killing and the back row protection was in place. It is an important core of the team’s offense and defense. In the finals, when Gong Xiangyu was forced to serve as the setter, Zhang Changning had some minor injuries, but she overcame her teeth. After 30 points in three rounds, the Jiangsu team lost, but Zhang Changning’s performance received numerous praises.

In the second round of the finals, Li Yingying’s unintentional small action caused Diao Linyu to be injured. She suffered controversy, even her ancestors. The generation was”taken care of again” by netizens. Aside from the habit of spiking, Li Yingying’s net port strength alone, she is still outstanding in the main attack, and there is no doubt that she was elected this time.

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Wang Yuanyuan and Hu Mingyuan won the title of best side attack. Both offense and block are remarkable, and they played an important role in their respective teams. The veteran Yan Ni only appeared in key scenes due to injury, and her blocking was still a godlike performance. Yuan Xinyue did not participate in the ranking due to formalities.

The best reception was awarded to Gong Xiangyu. If there is an award for”Almighty Warrior”, it would probably be Gong Xiangyu. In the finals, Gong Xiangyu returned to the second pass position after a lapse of seven years. In the key game of the championship, Gong Xiangyu had the courage and courage to assume the most important second pass position. This in itself is commendable, not to mention that she completed the task well and did not let the ball down. The team’s expectations, Gong Xiangyu, are good!

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Diao Linyu beat Ding Xia and Yao Di to win the best second Pass the title! Throughout the platoon, she successfully revitalized the Jiangsu team’s offense. Except for Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu, two strong attack points, Xu Ruoya, Wang Chenyue, Zhou Xinyi Diao Linyu’s offense has also been activated, and the Jiangsu team has blossomed more and truly formed a three-dimensional offense. Diao Linyu should make her mark!

In the second round of the finals, Diao Linyu was injured accidentally, but she insisted on resisting the pain, which is touching! After the game apologized to Li Yingying, Diao Linyu smiled and paid tribute, without blaming the other side, showing generosity! Some people say that although Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball missed the championship, they won the hearts of the people! Gain more fans!

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The winner of the best free man is Wang Mengjie, many netizens hold injustice for Ni Feihua! Throughout the volleyball Super League, Ni Feifei handed over a satisfactory answer sheet. Her first pass and defense were simply world-class performance. In the first round of the final, against Zhu Ting, Li Yingying and other high-quality serve, her pass rate was as high as 92%. , This data is incredible!

Wang Mengjie’s Shandong Women’s Volleyball missed the semifinals, and the test encountered was relatively small, but from From the perspective of the process, Wang Mengjie’s defense is still slightly better than the first pass, and there is still room for improvement in the future. However, the third stage of Ni Feihua’s impression was too deep. The excellent back row protection caused a lot of trouble for Zhu Ting and Li Yingying’s two heavy artillery. Her failure to be the best free man caused two voices of debate on the Internet! /p>

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On the one hand, it supports Wang Mengjie, saying that she has made progress in the past two years Obviously, the first pass and defense are more stable, and it has also experienced the test of the World Series and gradually matured. On the other hand, Wang Mengjie is believed to have been affected by the national team’s favor, sometimes even hiding a pass. Ni Feihua’s performance is not inferior to Dominica. Castillo, who lost the best free man is incredible!

In any case, Ni Feihua’s rise is a good thing for the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. Now Lin Li, Wang Mengjie and Ni Extraordinary progress in encouraging each other is of great benefit to improving the back-row protection of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. It also allows Lang Ping to have more choices in employment !